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Jabbering Jen
Various RP journals, sometimes mixed in with my own thoughts. Enjoy! xP
******** It, Everything's Ruined (Myka)
I hate them all.


Ugh. Boring s**t. Met some Dustin kid, went up to the astronomy tower. Lots of new people.

s**t happened. Way too much s**t. I dunno where to begin.

The friggin' kiss. How about there.

So this Dustin kid. He seems alright, though still boring at times. This other kid. NATE. (I hate him I hate him I hate him such a jerk he got me in trouble) They start chatting about this Tsuki, who sounds like some uncaring b***h. Then the uncaring b***h actually SHOWED, along with some stupid girl with way-too-long-hair.


So somehow Dustin got covered in water and took off his jacket.


He misinterpreted my blushing for having a fever and pretty much dragged me off to the nurse's office. Infirmary. Whatever.

He then proceeded to push me onto a bed when I kept getting up. And then he decided it would be a TOTALLY NOT AWKWARD THING to lie down on top of me so I didn't get up again.

That boy. Is ********. In the head.

Oh, but that isn't the awkward part. No, not at all.

So the Nate kid decided to try to shove some tea down my throat, right? Except it tastes utterly DISGUSTING, so I spit it out. Ugh. And I kept doing that and ripping Nate's hand off my mouth to do so.

And then Dustin got this weird gleam in his eye and told Nate to pour it down my throat again. And this time before I could spit it out...

He kissed me.

HE ******** KISSED ME.


Aaaargh. I would fry him to a crisp if I could.

So after he finally rolled off me (which was when I was forced to swallow that s**t) I got up and yelled at him. Then we went out and he fell asleep? Then the long-haired girl, Addie, poked him awake.

Holy s**t. You'd think she was a serial killer, the way he acted. He went off and eventually dozed off AGAIN, which was very stupid, so I went up and-

Holy ******** how is he so ridiculously strong. He nearly snapped my wrist in half. And he left ridiculously deep indents on my wrist too. After he snapped out of it, he said something about being sorry while I just focused on healing it.

Guh. I HATE using healing fire. It takes so much out of you.

So, you know, blah blah blah. I got bored of their talk after Dustin left and explored a bit.

... I totally forgot he went up to the Astronomy Tower. I was a bit wary of him, and I wanted to ask exactly what his brother was like.

But y'know? I've known him for like, a day. I'm not going to give out my great big story. Don't see why he has to.

So I asked him how he got so ridiculously strong. Apparently that's needed where he grew up?

Huh. More like me than I thought.

This dissolved into back-and-forth questioning. Why do I wear sunglasses. How ******** up IS his brother. So on and so forth. Then Nate, this Rose chick that was there earlier (Anubis, at last), and K-Kaia all showed up. Dustin played with Kaia for a bit, and it was actually quite funny.

So, you know. Me, Dustin, Rosie, and K-Kaia went off to play...

Excuse me, strip poker?

Let's just say by the end of the game, I was missing my jewel, shorts, boots, sunglasses, gum, several cigarettes, shirt, and bra.

Yes, bra.

And of course Dustin had no shirt again, FFF-

Anyway. I got dressed, more s**t happened, some weird military woman, Routa showed up along with the back-stabbing librarian, Neil. Routa made us all sit around a campfire and introduce ourselves. I didn't bother introducing myself, but I still got free food. Meh.

Then she decided we were all going to spar together. ******** YES.

The first fight was pathetic. Obviously Amanda (Ammadon, but who gives a ********) didn't know how to do s**t. He was asking the air NICELY to move. Bahahahaha.

Meanwhile, Rosie's doing awesome, but her control was... bad. And then she resorted to fistfighting.

Next up was the glorious me versus some other wind b***h, Parkie's all I remember of her. She put up one HELL of a fight. Slashed my arm in the process, not bad at all. I was about to use my new technique when that stupid Routa shut us down.

Blah blah blah, more s**t. Fort finally showed his ugly mug, dunno where he's been, about the time that I was engulfed in water thanks to dear old Natey.

Ugh. I had to change and everything, and right in the middle of my lesson with the librarian, too. I showed him that yes, I could stretch fire to some extent, and he gave me a few points and then refused to teach me any more until I could master back burning.

So after a few back-and-forths, we pulled Amanda (snrk) out of the danger zone and told Fort to stay still. Then I set the grass around him on fire. Then I set more grass outside on fire.

Well, he was mighty confused.

But then after a while, I lost control for a few seconds and the inner ring went toward Fort and not away from him. Now, normally I'm all for burning my targets, but one, that wasn't the point of this, and two, for some reason I panicked and didn't want him burned.

...Yeah. I didn't want him burned. So I told everyone to shut up before I lost my focus completely and managed to finish the back burn.

Well, he freaked out well enough. Almost sent me and Mandy (ooh, that's a good one) flying with a pillar of earth. He calmed down though.

Then Nate just HAD to show up and call me a slut.

I am NOT a slut. Or a whore. Or a lapdancer.

I admit it. I lost my temper and threw a few fireballs at him. I only meant to burn his face, they were most definitely not scorching hot. But somehow...

It got into his eyes.

And he went blind.

Now, I know I acted like I didn't give a ********. And for the first few minutes, I didn't.

But that's some of the worst damage I've EVER caused. And that's saying something, knowing me...

Anyway. Kaia ratted on us and called Routa over. Long story short, she didn't give a ******** that it was a total accident.

And then Neil came up with some suggestion of an exploding bracelet.

THE ********.


No. Buzz bracelet. That knocks me out if I use fire.

For the rest. Of the ********. Year.

AND I have to cart around Little Boy Blue like he's three! What am I, his mom!? He's the one that started it!

AND, to make matters even worse? All he has to do is apologize.

Yeah. Freaking apologize. For setting me off and calling me a slut, a whore, a lapdancer.

Okay. I know my choice of wardrobe is revealing. But dude. Get the facts.

I like what I wear. It's comfortable, easy to move it, and it's just another way of rebelling off those dear parents of mine.

Hey, they don't give a ********. They've got their precious little Marinda b***h to keep them happy.

As if they need me.

-A Pissed-Off Myka Willowflame

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