* This is a poem I wrote for a project I did for English II. 3nodding It's about Curley's wife from Of Mice and Men. It's not really thought out for i had specific guide lines to follow for the project. whee Enjoy!!! *

Curley's Wife
Ignorant little Curley married a tart,
They looked for each other but were always apart.
Full rouged lips and spaced eyes made up,
Red nails, cotton dress, hair soft as a pup.

Her voice was brittle, both nasal and rough.
But oh! She moved quiet, hearing her was tough.
She poised herself around showing her figure,
Jail bait for sure all set on the trigger.

She was who she was. Concealed almost nothin’,
Surrounded by men, boy, she got the eye goin’.
Against the one “black man”, she closed oh him fast,
Threatening and cursing saying he wouldn’t last!

She wished for the fortune, the fame, and the glory,
To be set in the spot light, that was her story.
If only she had she might still be around,
She wouldn’t be alone, or like now, in the ground.

But no she was lonely, desperate, with everything to say,
She was frantic when her listeners tried to walk away.
One day she moves closer, confides in him quick,
She manipulates him, and she tried to be slick.
When she goes too far her feet bat the hay.
With his hand on her mouth there’s not much she can say.

Violently struggling, she writhed to be free.
Body flapped like a fish. Broken neck? It would seem.
Even dead, she seemed alive, lightly sleeping.
Red lips, rouged cheeks but her heart wasn’t keeping.
Tight curls spread on hay behind her limp and dead.
Try opening your mouth now, movie star, and see what is said!