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Mixing role-play and real life ^_~ ▇▇▇═─
Sam, Damien, Rouge, Alex

Damien: *Sitting in the library reading*
Alexander: Hello Damien. I see you're reading one of the books I wrote~
Damien: Ah yes, thought I'd give it a go. Rather good.
Alexander: I'm glad. > w<
Sam: *Walks in, trips over nothing* Ooouf!
Alexander: Are you okay? ;;; *Goes over to Sam and helps him up*
Sam: I-I'm okay thank you. ;;;
Alexander: 'tis nothing for a lady.
Damien: Uh... That's not a lady, Alexander. Do what I told you.
Alexander: ;;; *Sniffs* Oh. Sorry, my bad. Is there a reason you're in women's clothing little boy?
Sam: I'm 21.... ;;; And I like girls clothing. o uo I feel nice in them
Alexander: orz Well, you do look nice
Damien: Yes, you do.
Rouge: *Walks in with a knife* ..... *Sees Sam, who is wearing a light blue dress* .... *Attacks* BLUE. FOUL. DIE.
Sam: *Screams, gets cut by the knife once*
Alexander: *Steps in and kicks Rouge out of the way*
Damien: *Gets up, walks over to Rouge and snaps her neck* Right, that was a rather bothersome thing. *Goes back to his chair and sits down* Don't lick her blood Alex...
Alexander: She smells like a crayon. *Looks for a medical kit*
Sam: *Bleeding*
Damien: Next to the door Alex.
Alexander: Right. *Runs and grabs it, then comes back to fix Sam up*
Sam: *Crying and bleeding*
Damien: ........ ;;;;
Alexander: *Takes Sam's pain and then fixes him up* It'll all be alright, okay? ^ w^
Sam: *Blinks in confusion, then nods, feeling calmer*
Damien: I'll dispose of the body.... ;;; *Gets up and takes the body away*
Sam: T-thank you both. *Before Damien leaves*
Alexander: *Finishes* There, done. :3
Sam: T-thank you. ; w;

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