Monday Delirium
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Chapter Twenty Six

Heaven wasn't big enough.
Not when you have eagles and lions fighting for control.
Sitting in her half lighten office, Skoovia Zargat pondered once again how to seize control.
She alone was the head of a criminal family whose name inspired fear and demanded obedience, second only to E.A.G.L.E. itself.
According to Skoovia's family lore, her ancestors had always thrived in adversity.
They had bought their way into the one of the first ships carrying the first would be citizens of Heaven, some great but long forgotten tragedy being the reason why they had to try their luck here.
Her family was the first to become intimate with the people who would eventually create the organization which would "protect" this new comers and serve as transitional government, something temporary.
Skoovia even remembers her grandmother telling her it had been a Zargat choosing the symbol which would lead to the creation of the acronym that the agency was known for and defined it from that moment until today.
She had her doubts about this... Though there could be some truth to it.
If she was the type, she would laugh at the irony the Zargat's greatest allies would also be their nemesis rather than their puppets.
The Zargat family never forgot their own symbol.
Perhaps it was once a royal crest lingering in the memory of her family, maybe it was just something a more adventurous ancestor just picked up along the way and kept for good luck.
A lion wearing a crown.
The lion was the head of the pack, he leaded and was the first to feed.
So, even in this strange and distant future her family still thrived living up to this.
They were the big cats in this jungle.
Yet, she would not and could not show her golden mane with pride.
Her family's influence had brought them all a long way but not long enough.
The world belonged to E.A.G.L.E. or it would soon enough and this town, which always felt like it was hers, her pride and life as it had been her father's also belonged to the white eagle.
She was watched constantly, spied upon by friend and foe.
Someone knocked at her door.
She had been drinking a fine liquorish alcoholic beverage and staring a picture for a long while, the one with her, her parents and her stupid brother.
She took another gulp and made a point of pouring the rest of the bottle.
"Come in." Her people knew better than to walk in uninvited.
"Miss Skoovia. It your.... It's him.
He wants to talk with you."
Skoovia imagined herself breaking her glass, shouting.
She knew better, her chest feeling as if it was full of fire she still found strength to refrain herself.
"Where?" she asked.
"Warehouse Three. The one from the docks.
He killed a dozen of our men and let the others go so they would carry the message."
She stood up and picked her long coat from the coat hanger.
It used to be her father's coat.
"That idiot attracted any unwanted attention?"
Skoovia's right hand, though she would never admit him or address to him as such nodded a no as he walked out of her way and promptly followed her.
"Get me there fast.
I want to kill my brother myself."