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So today...
Love, Gimme love, gimme love, I don't need it...

❥✖[Someone left the crew because he was the only person wearing Defib. Before the crew even started, I asked if he was going to assign rings. He said no, just bring whatever you want. So I did. Well we all died when we got in, why? Cause the amateur leading the crew didn't know what the ******** he was talking about. We were in a crew of beginners, all 3.0's. You cannot expect them to have all of the rings. You just can't. So he left and I took the crew up and managed it from there, not before calling him a Douchebag and adding him to my ignore list. I know I know, I coulda been reported, but sometimes, I HAVE to say something. So yeah...Okay Nothing to see here people, move along.]❥✖

But I'll take what I want from your Heart and I'll keep it..