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Project Shadow the Hedgehog Robotnik
Writing helps pass the time. Read if you wish... I wont mind.
I think...
I think I have a greed for gold.
It doesn't matter how much I have, or if I need something for my avi or anything, I refuse to spend.
So when u ask me if I could spare some gold.... I play it as I dont have any
But I really do. XD
I'm still not going to give any... It doesn't matter who u r.
Call me a Scrooge idk besides I got this gold fair and square and I haven't begged for any -__-
anyhow, I tell u all this here beeecaaauuuse NO ONE READS IT!!

Watch THIS b the entry everyone reads about -__-

Pr0ject Shadow
Community Member
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  • User Comments: [5]
    lol. I read everything XD
    I share a little if my brother Dark Earth Dragon asks, but only because he's really awesome and gets me stuff. I decided to be nice and let him have whatever I have to give him. And yes, its also only because I'm a nice person... unlike someone who's talking about hoarding gold here.

    comment Dragon Warrior130 · Community Member · Tue Mar 20, 2012 @ 10:18pm
    emotion_donotwant i knew SOMEONE was going to read this... out of all of them this one.
    I'm Scrooge X3 and proud. I actually cent it to someone else .... fur real. because i was feeling like i had a lot so i wasnt really working for anything... but now that i put it in sort of a...."savings account" and now that i have very little gold almost to nothing, I HAVE SOMETHING TO WORK FOR!!! >:3

    of course i told her she could spend a little bit... a very extreamly little bit... and im sure she did, but she didn't spend all off it.

    I'm a horrder!!!

    comment Pr0ject Shadow · Community Member · Wed Mar 21, 2012 @ 01:05am
    Pshhhhhhh emotion_awesome You say that like it's a bad thing that I took the time out of my day to read this!
    Eh..... you caaaaan be nice..... sometimes. Mr. Scrooge. Be glad I don't call you Mr. Scourge. lol XD You see what I did thar.
    But anehways Mister Scourge, (English accent) we would like a small donation to improve the shelter for... um... orphaned children.... 'at is all. Tank ya.
    I crack myself up......
    OOOOOOOO!!!! I went to youth group on Wednesday night, and guess who got banned for cussing out my youth group teacher, my youth group teacher's wife, and my youth group teacher's step-daughter!!! YEP!!!! It was "The-Name-That-Shall-Not-Be-Spoken!!" And she also apparently still has my mom's phone # and texted her on Wednesday night aswell. My mom was piissssed!!! XD

    comment Dragon Warrior130 · Community Member · Sat Mar 24, 2012 @ 01:37am
    Them there children's jus need em a job! Stop begin offa ppl and just get it themselves !
    -___- Scourge rlly? Well I supose he ain't that bad lookin XD

    Omg really!?? Why did she cuss everyone out!? What happened!!! Tell me tell me tell me!
    *interrupted by mom giving me mail* .... >.> ... hm a package?? What's this??? *openeds* yaay the labyrinth sound track came in! :3 *pops it in to listen* soo anyways.... It is bad that u read this journal! Y out of all of them, THIS ONE!?!

    comment Pr0ject Shadow · Community Member · Sat Mar 24, 2012 @ 02:59am
    Yesh, yesh he is! If I couldn't get to Shadow, there would always be Scourge or Bowser >;3

    Well, apparently she sent a relationship request saying that Hannah and her were going out. Hannah thought it was a thing just cuz they were friends. Then at school she said that they were actually an item, Hannah was not okay with this cuz everyone now thought she was a 'lesbian'. They met at the church while her step dad and mom were there and they said that they were not okay with this and she had a hissy fit and cussed them all out. She is now banned from the church. and She tried to steal things from Hannah! like her ipod, her nook(a book thingy) and her sunglasses! and she already took Hannah's jacket and Hannah hates wearing the thing's jacket!
    Because I felt like reading it, and i read everything you put up in your journal. and plus this said that no one reads your journals when that's not entierly true!!

    comment Dragon Warrior130 · Community Member · Sat Mar 24, 2012 @ 03:19am
    User Comments: [5]

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