Shy Angel Named Mary
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Living A Lie

If anyone should talk about living in a lie I think I'll be the one
Because ever since I was five years old I always wanted to see my mom smile so everytime I was with her I wouls smile and laugh
Although deep down inside of me I was crying and I was unable to be myself
At times I would catch her crying it always made me cry too
I've worked so hard to keep her smiling
But then I started to drift away from her and was more and more afraid that she'll notice that something was up
Ahh all I wanted from her was to see her happy I hardly asked for anything Only because I know that we couldn't be like all the other families
However that did not borther me because I all I never wanted was to find who I was ment to be
After all theos years I did not really live my life but I was only like half happy
I grew up so fast I kinda feel like I did something wrong I mean all this time of running and hiding from everything and everyone I guess I never was to talk to them but I kinda looked up to them all
And thanks to my fear toward them all I was able to hide it and I know I was childish to think I could be in the same line as my friends are
Haha but at lest I know that they will never abanden me like all the other who came before