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0 comments first journal. ...Hmm. I guess this is more of a test than anything, but I suppose I could tell about my day~ (I mean, why not.)
I really...don't like school, first off. I'm tired of it by now~
Today, though, was okay. I got a cream soda so...I was just on top of the world for a while there. ...Also, I wondered: would a cross between a bulldog and a a Bullshit? ...I'm sure it would be. And now it is so.
So. smilies/icon_smile.gif Yep.
I saw this video on ICanHasCheezburger...of a hummingbird snoring. It was so cute, I cried. UwU
Did you know hummingbirds snore? I was more of a squeak, but really. So ******** cute.
Well, that's today's rant~~