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Lets play "I b***h!"
yeah currently Ive had many pms from noobs asking me stupid stuff so here are most of my answers.

Noob: How do you make so much gold??
King/yourmom/me: I offer cyber sex to admins smilies/icon_cool.gif

Will cause: most likely noobs will pm admins for cyber sex and get banned muahahahaa smilies/icon_twisted.gif

Noob: Im questintg for blah blah crap would you donate??
God/Me: But my puppy died and my mom has cancer, I failed 7 ourt of 6 classes I have and I live on a box of carton but here you go have the 10g I ahve left

Will cause: them feel guilty or laugh, like I laugh ^^

Noob: Hey sexy
mucho macho/me: Im a dude b***h and I know where you live so ******** off!

Will cause: Me laughing at you

Noob: nice outfit *insert several licking eggs pms here* will you help me
Me: b***h *gets u blocked*

will cause: me getting pissed I ahte interested people!

ohhh stay tuned for the list of noobs/stupid people thatd ont read sigs that have hitted on my girl avatar list!!!!! YAY!