The history of the legendary beast, Naga Hord.

Long ago before the age of man, resided the most peculliar creatures. Among them were the flying beasts called dragons. In the birth time of there race, Dragons were mindless beings that had the most basic of knowledge. Eating, Sleeping, and releaving themselves. Most other creatures however saw them as the greatest threat ever. Massive monsters that flew through the air, setting aflame everything in there path. Life for them was very easy. Forward a bit in time and they began to develope, discovering the ability of self-conciousness and not having to always follow the Alpha-Male in a sorts of how a wolf pack works. Learning new ways to communicate with one-another, they quickly evolved into a greater beings, now knowing wrong from right and more advanced knowledge than they had started with.

Within time they developed a certain ranking process, in which the dragons capable of more complex thought, were placed in charge. Through there better knowledgement, they could think, react, and move faster than the others, making them the biggest bad-asses in the world. Soon after they tired of violence and together decided to use there knowledge for the betterment of all beings. They began to teach the other dragons and through that, began to become curious. They were quickly running out of information to teach.

They began to explore and discover new places, animals, formations, elements. From there a vast new opening of knowledge presented itself to the curious beasts. Within time, they needed someone to look to for decisions that would affect there race as a whole. They decided to make up a council reffered to as " The Eldar Dragons". Among this council, was a dragon who called himself, Naga Hord.

Hord was in the beggining, a peaceful, wise dragon. He among all the rest sought out more knowledge and the balance in all things. He was well respected and was looked up to by the rest of the Eldar.

For a time, things were quiet for the Dragons, until one day they came across a most interesting creature. One that had no scales, no tail, no fins or gills, no wings. It was pink, fleshy, it had on it no fur except a crop of it atop its head. They came to call this new creature, Human beings or "Man-kind".

The dragons tried to teach the humans there ways, of knowledge and the elements. As time passed, the two species got along. However as the seasons pasted, and winter came. The humans began to get sick, they were not used to the cold. Many became sick, and died off. The dragons were worried about there new found friends, and quickly searched for a way to help. Quickly finding an option, was fire. The beasts could conjur it up with ease and it kept the humans warm, but they could not always be running back and forth to re-light the fires. They had to find a better solution. For months they searched, looking for places where it would always be warm, but no matter where they looked, winter would come about in time.

They looked for it in other places. Finally one of them discovered something, other animals were able to keep warm from there fur, which humans had little to none of. The gathered some of the larger animals and killed them, skinning there hide, then using the rest for other proper uses such as food. Once they had used the meat though, the bones littered everywhere,everntually these became tools. Later on They offered the hides of the animals to humans, to wear and keep warm. They taught the humans how to hunt and skin the animals for more hides, in which they could survive the cold.

For centuries, the two species lived in peace. Then the Humans began to become jealous of the dragons, there hard skin made them near impossible to kill. They envied there friends near invulnrability. They decided to hunt a few of the dragons, wanting the take some of there hide and scales to make more protective clothing.

Naga Hord saw this as an imminent threat to his race, he wanted to act and kill off the humans for fear of them wanting to kill off the entire Dragon race. They other Eldars rejected his idea. " They are just curious, within time they will come to reason" The others told Naga, he however was not convinced.

With his commanding power, Naga ordered several of his kin to follow him. Taking this squad of dragons, Naga flew to the a small village of humans, this certain tribe had been peaceful, really longing for nothing and quite satisified with there way of life.

Hord didn't care either way. With the band of dragons, they set aflame to the village, burning those who were inside the small wooden huts, or slaughtering the ones that were outside.

The other Eldar were enraged at this, having already setting certian instructions that the human tribes were not to be harmed. They saw no other option but to banish Naga and the dragons that had dis-obeyed this law. Furious with what his brothers had done to him, Naga and the other dragons fled from there sanctuary, finding other villages to burn. The thought that his brothers would banish him, for he only wanted to keep his people safe.

The Eldar could however, do nothing to Naga and his band of rouge beasts. He was much stronger than the rest, as were the other dragons. Instead, they taught the human tribes the secrets of dragons, pointing out all the weaknesses and ways kill a dragon, they offerend this information in exchange that the humans would not attempt to use it against the peaceful dragons.

Within time, the humans used there new found information to hunt mostly all of the rouge dragons. However, no matter how hard they tried, no matter how hard they hunted. Naga was no where to be found. Until in recent years that is.

Not 900 years ago, Naga had been spotted terrorizing small settlements. Thus the Templar Divine were sent to destroy this beast, they failed this task. Only one surviving, he ran back to his home city to tell and write of his horrific journey.

( Still under work)