Prophetic Vangie
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The monkey In the Middle
I met Tsuki and London in the towns today. At first there was Lily too but she had to do some work or so.
We started out with some awkward silence until we met London who changed her clothes..into a pretty dress with high heels.
I had the nerves to ask why her clothes were like that..let's not talk about it.
Anyhow London started to say that Tsuki was violent! Though I never really saw her violent.
this made Tsuki crank up and started her hand toward her swords. I flinched and tried to run.
London teased that she was a ghost and the sharp thing can't go through her. Well, Tsuki seemed to glare at her that made cut her enough.
And what do you know? In some seconds I was the meaty human Shield for London and I was trembling.
But the good thing. Tsuki was Kiki POH and she can't hurt her house people!
London and I both said "phew" at the same time. And I was faster to say Jinks c:
Go me!

I was out for few seconds because of some..issues and the next thing I saw was I in between London and Tsuki.
I felt like the Monkey in the middle and the meaty shield.
Let's just say..Tsuki tried to protect me at the same time as she tried to grab for London.
See? Tsuki is Kind!

At last I was able to break out of the meaty Shield and the Monkey game.
And we all headed for somewhere else...