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BB's 'Hidden' Journal
My online record of mostly rantings and complaints.
As i promised, I am moving this rant to  my journal.
I hate war. So many escalations, unessaccary deaths and destruction, innocents being dragged into it...... 
Should be a way to fight such things like a duel. With people knowing what they're getting into fighting because they want to. 
Lol nothing pisses me off more than rulers who send their people off to die, often not telling them why, while they sit back home safe behind their walls....In the old days of course. Nowadays that's just how it's done. Hmph. Doesn't mean i have to like it.....

I mean come on. If a leader of a country is going to gamble peoples lives away, he should be willing to gamble his own. Maybe then there wouldn't be hundreds of men sacraficed as a disrtraction so they can see reaction times of the enemy and check for weaknesses just to retreat. War causes so much pain. Anger, grief, hate, despair, famine, illness and helplessness. Especially to the people who try to stay out of it, try to hide away from it all to protect themselves from what was thrust upon their homes, lives, families.

Ugh. I hate modern history for this reason. At least in most of West Civ the leaders fought with the troops. May not be on the front lines, but at least they're out their roughing it away from their homes and families just like their troops. I think that being able to understand exactly how your men feel and what they're going through makes one a better leader. I mean I doubt all those troops that were in Iraq for so long would've had to endure such a time if our leaders, and i'll deign to call our president a leader, were out there in the camps with those soldiers.

I believe that's the number one thing I couldn't stand about Obama being elected. He hasn't ever served. Mum says all our other presidents have (and all the presidents I remember have) but he hasn't. I didn't care so much that he has bout 0 experience in governing and was willing to let the idealist try out. But how the hell do you expect to lead a country into, through, and out of war if you've never been through our military? Know nothing about? Pisses me off he has the gall to do such a thing.
Probably why i lose strategy games so much....even if it's just a show, book, game whatever.....I hate to see people suffer. I try my hardest to keep every troop and man i have in a game even if  i have to lose to do so. In total war, doesn't matter how low on funds i am i always buy my captured troops back.

One time i watched my brother play and saw he let his enemy kill 32 men they had captured. He said they were just basic militia and their ransom was three times more than it cost to buy more. I ended up talking to him about how it must've felt to be one of those men. Risking their lives for their country, going out in all kinds of conditions to fight for him, then running like hell to distract the enemy into letting the rest of the army escape. Then how they must've felt being tied up, beaten, gods knows what else on the way back then hearing their wonderful king they loved so much told their captors to kill them cuz it'd be cheaper to buy new men.

I talked to him how it must've felt to be their families. All the worrying over how their loved ones were doing, if they were hurt or uncomfortable, if they missed home, how they missed them, if they would ever come back. How they must've felt hearing the news that they're long awaited men won't be returning with the army. The hope when they hear of the ransom. The grief at you turning it down, probably wishing more than anything to sell everything own, even themselves to drop the ransom on your doorstep if you'd just bring the men home.

He totally reloaded the game, bought them back, and never once since then has he turned down a ransom. Nor once denied ransom to the men he captures.

Times may be different, wars may be fought with different weapons over different things, but i guarantee that those feelings never change. How can you lead a country full of all kinds of people, and not be able to understand their pains so to comfort them, nor the joys you could bring them. One's duties, responsibilities, one's people, should come before personal gain. I may not like my people very much, find them arrogant, stubborn, stupid, hyprocrits, and close minded, but they're still my people and deserve respect. Hehe such a sour thought. True none the less. Most of them are ignorant.....they need that kind of protection and help......but now i'm talking of many things so i'll stop before i start tearing myself to pieces again.

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