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My Stuff
I just write stuff that happens to me, or someone else, when I think it's important enough.
So here's the thing.
So, here's the thing.

I'll make you an offer you can't refuse.
...not really, I couldn't come up with a title so I just put that there >->''

In any case, I have some stuff to say and here it is:

This is my rant about unoriginality. I claim this word as my own since Google won't recognize it >:U

Alright, well. it's come to my attention that people are losing their originality, seems as if everything's been done and redone. I see books and TV shows being copies of older versions in all but title. I see Anime and Manga repeat and repeat the same process. Books, TV shows, Movies, no matter what the genre, they all seem so... default lately.

The most basic formula, for anime/manga, is usually this:


After we meet the main characters, find out who the rivals are and who the love interest is (the rivals might or not be fighting over this character, usually they fight because they want to prove themselves) we begin:

Step 1: Main Character's friend gets kidnapped/hurt/powers taken/etc.
Step 2: Main Character gets beat up by bad guy, badly.
Step 3: Main Character has to travel to the bad guy's world/fortress/home/etc.
Step 4: Main Character's friends tag along whether he wants them to or not (and whether he/she knows it or not).
Step 5: They realize that there is at least 10 other bosses.
--Optional 1: One of the good guys becomes a bad guy (he/she may want power/to be in the winning side/etc.)
Step 6: Main character reaches the final boss after repeatedly getting beat up and killing bad guys but is unable to defeat him because he is still too weak.
--Optional 2: If "Optional 1" applies then this is around the time the two rivals battle it out for supremacy. After a few dramatic moments and some useless conversation one of a few things happens; Either the rivals become friends again OR the bad rival escapes somehow OR he joins the Main Character's party in order to help out in the final confrontation.
Step 7: Main character finds some hidden power within him (if Optional 2 applies this likely comes from the rivals battling) and defeats the final boss at the last second using a never before seen technique derived from some inner evil he/she always held within.
Step 8: Cut to filler season(this section can be taken off if we're talking about manga) and then... repeat the process all over again until you are bored or the fans shoot the creator.

The end... Or not, they're probably going to keep going.

That aforementioned formula can be used in many TV shows and movies by just changing a few things.

Shiki the Forsaken Prince
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    x- Your God -x
    Community Member

    Wed Feb 01, 2012 @ 08:12pm

    Movies are still fun to watch :3
    and I don't watch that much anime
    Games on the other hand...feels like the newer the game is from an old game company, the more it is bastardize.
    Only good game left that been around is COD. halo...after halo 3 it all went to s**t
    And for GTA after GTA SA it went to s**t

    Feel free to pm me random stuff :3,but no random friend request. I still like friend requests, just not from people I never had conversation before on gaia. Random comments are good though. I mainly post in Cb biggrin
    Wants gold...100,000 sounds good?? :3 So click this and remeber to <3 vote it biggrin
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