Well me and my ex boyfriend got back together as of 1.11.12 heart .

Turns out he wasn't gay..Thnx by the way person who shall not be named -__-

Anyways~ this is the story on how we bacame a couple that will last forever ^__^

It all started with texts and a bit of flirting throughout those texts. Whenever I looked back on those texts, it made my heart race. But at the same time I kept remembering the past and thought "he's gay..if he's flirting with you then it's only because it's in his nature or something. Or maybe you're just reading into things."

Those thoughts made me sad. But then as the texts continued he asked me why I broke up with him and I told him. He replied saying how sad it made him that I ended the relationship. Which of course got me thinking "Maybe all of this was a mistake. Breaking up with him. No. I know it was a mistake. I want to be with him."

That's when he told me that if he had the chance to go out with me he would. I was so happy. I think I cried a little that day. However, I told him that if he wanted to go out with me then he would need to ask me in person and not over texts.

He agreed. So that following day we made plans with some other friends to hang out. I was so expecting of the question at any moment. My heart racing whenever he came close to me. But as the day ended he never asked me. And then the day did end and we hugged and said goodbye. My other friend, who is now my officialy my wingman, knew what was happening (he takes my phone and reads my texts A LOT~). I almost cried when he gave me a ride home.

Weeks later I asked my wingman to speed things up and ask my ex why he didn't ask me out on that day. he told my wingman "Doesn't she already have a bf. That Adan guy?"

That made me laugh so hard because Adan, the guy he thought was my bf because I talked so fondly of him, is actually my baby cousin. xD

I was so happy that the reason he didnt ask me out was because of some misunderstanding and not because he didnt like me anymore.

When HE found out though, he said he felt like such an idiot. It was cute really.

Then he told me that he wanted to hang out the next day. I said yes, and of course I knew why (I actually led it to happen whee Aren't I evil)

The following day:

I walked towards the meet up area w/ my wingman as spiritual support. As we were headed over there one of my other friends pointed out that my ex was already in the school looking around frantically.

I approached him and he glomped me. My heart raced. Thats when he asked the question and I told him yes. Of course I'd say yes. I've loved him since eighth maybe seventh grade. That has never changed.

We are currently in a blossoming and loving relaionship heart
He's actually stuck on marrying me and building a family together. It might seem pretty early, but we're thinking possitive and it's working.

Unforunately today, a senior in my school (she's also one of my friends...but not really that close) confessed that she liked him as we were walking the same way and I just kept thinking " He's mine! " His answer to her was actually "Sorry. but I have her.' (or something around those lines.. yeah this happened hours ago so my memory is being a ho)

I'm not letting him go this time. So to any competition out there: Bring It~!
Lol jk I suck at fighting sweatdrop
But he is mine tho

Single life= over heart

That's it for this day..maybe month hehe
I bid this blog a doo..a dew..??
I dont know~

G'Bai readers who read 4laugh

....Do your homework heart lol