Jessica is a girl about 20 years old; she has gorgeous, long, red hair. Her eyes are a beautiful deep purple. She is about 5’5”, thin, and very loving. She has on the normal, Jeans with rips at the knees, and a low cut t-shirt showing off some of her stomach and showing her belly button piercing that was dangling.
She stands off in a corner, looking around and finding that everyone has someone to talk to, but she doesn’t. She feels very lonely not talking to anyone, but it’s the best she could do for now. She is and always has been very shy, so she doesn’t walk up to many people and start talking to them. She then sat down by a fountain and takes out her pack of cigarettes and starts to put one in her mouth. She lights it and starts smoking while she’s listening to people’s conversations. “People talk about the strangest things.” She thought to herself.