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My Papercrafts
None of these are designed by me, I just made them. smilies/icon_smile.gif Hope you all enjoy!

I've begun an interesting hobby of making figures out of paper using designs printed off the internet. I'll be posting my collection in here.

The Brave Little Toaster, an old movie I use to watch when I was young. And I used tape instead of glue which made it a little tackier then my newest works... but it only took me about an hour to finish:

A Bulbasaur from Pokemon! It was quite simple but took me about 2 hours to finish for such a little guy. But I was extremely pleased with the outcome:

A chibi Roxas from Kingdom Hearts. He was extremely difficult to put together considering he was just a boxed head... but his pieces were so tiny which made him hard to work with... but he took me about as long as Bulbasaur did:

A chibi ceiling cat! He's famous all over the internet for being the cat to watch you masturbate. He took less than an hour and was simple and cute:

A Baby Luigi! He took me about 3-4 hours but definitely turned out great!

A Horn from Zelda. This only took me about an hour and I am quite satisfied with the results:

The Water Bomb. It's a fish with a bomb in it's mouth from Zelda! It took me about 4-5 hours altogether:

Link's Master Sword from Zelda. This took me about 1-2 hours:

A Heartpiece from Zelda! This was my second attempt at making if because the first time I attempted to make it, I failed. It took me about 2-3 hours to complete:

The Nintendo 64 game of the book that attacks you in one of the picture levels you jump through in the Mario game. This took me about 1 hours tops but was pretty difficult due to the means of gluing it together:

The Super Nintendo walk up that is used in Super Mario. This took me much less than an hour to do:

A Skeleton Kitty! This took me about 6-7 hours... quite difficult but very much worth it. smilies/icon_smile.gif

A Zelda Master Key. Pretty simple and a fast build.

A Naruto Mask, I believe. Took very little time to make with very satisfying results.

Another Pokemon: Charmander. Took quite awhile to make but was well worth it in the end.

A Black Mokona from xxxHolic/Tsubasa Chronicles. Took quite awhile the first time making it, but I sold this one and have already made another black one as well as the white one.

The hardest Pokemon to build yet: Absol. He took quite awhile with a lot of mistakes before I finished him off.

The Pokemon Chimecho. My biggest break from paper crafting was in the middle of building this one. He was easy, but boring with a good result in the end.

A Chibi Link from Zelda! Cute and simple!

A No Mask from Spirited Away. Simple and fast with good result.

A Chibi Sora from Kingdom Hearts. Cute and simple!

A Mario Coin. Not TOO simple, but fast to build and cut out.

An Antec Girl. I think she's an original character. I got her off of a Japanese site. She was quite difficult but fun and with very satisfactory results.

A Hatena Girl. I think she's an original character. I got her off of a Japanese site. She was really fun!~ And I paused a LOT through her process.

A White Mokona from xxxHolic/Tsubasa Chronicles.

Kodama from Hayao Miyazaki's Princess Mononoke

My Designs

demon_angel_morbid from GaiaOnline:

Alace Pandora from GaiaOnline:

Usami and Misaki from Junjou Romantica:

Zero, Yuki, and Kaname from Vampire Knight: