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My dreams, hopes & Art
Usually where I put my OC's and Art.
My Original Character!

Name: Yumi Shiira
Age: 18yrs.
Gender: Female
Build: Fit Slim, 36C cup size smilies/icon_mrgreen.gif
Eyes: Light-ish blue partially purple-ish (like gradient) (Majoko Mariko eyes)
Hair Color: Black/Dark Brown
Markings: None
Height: 5'4
DOB: Feb. 5.
Ethnicity: Japanese, Chinese, French

Underwear: Usually Yumi wears all black or red bra and simple black panties (random fact. o3o)

If you don't want to read the entire story just jump to the bottom and ask me questions if you have any. C:

Yumi's past is like a roller coaster. There has been some good things and some bad things. But how they lead up to how she is today makes sense. Yumi was a innocent child, she never questioned her parents and was always so naive about everything. She was a child filled with love and happiness because she always thought that nothing could go wrong. But later on her parents died when she was just eight years old. They died in a mysterious incident within their home. Something broke inside of Yumi that day. Yumi was so confused and couldn't understand what has happened to her simple life. After the death of her parents Yumi went to go live with her older sister who travels constantly due to her profession being a international fashion designer. At age 10, a letter came for Yumi telling her the truth of what has happened to her parents. She discovered that her parents were assassinated by people who didn't like them because they refused to work for them. Simply overwhelmed by the new discovery, the 10 year old girl who had her whole world flipped took it out on the rest of the world. She hated everyone and trusted almost no one. Yumi was so infuriated she made some irrational decisions. After several days of thinking she came into a conclusion that she wants to take revenge. Determined, she went up to one of the greatest fighters she knew to train her. Her uncle. He's slightly old, weird, and anti-social. Yumi's dad and her uncle were really close as brothers. Her dad would watch out for him and do what ever he can to help him. He loved her dad. When Yumi's parents died, her uncle shut down almost completely. He stopped working out for a couple months (which is really alien like for someone like him), also ate and slept abnormally too. When Yumi finally found out where her uncle lived she went there straight away, he kept his house hidden from friends and family very well. So it took her a while to find him. The only one who knew where he lived was Yumi's father. After finding him, Yumi asked him sincerely to train her in the art of fighting. When a 11 year old girl is asking to learn how to fight out of revenge, he refused very bluntly. The only thing he agreed on was that Yumi can stay with him since she had no where else to go. Yumi never gave up, she is very persistent when it comes to something she wants. She kept on asking and asking until a year has past. He refused her knowing the danger of learning how to fight. Even if she kept getting turned down, she practiced on her own. Copying the moves that she sees at martial art schools. After a year of rejection, he finally agreed to teach her something. And it wasn't just one thing. Yumi's uncle only agreed to train her if she kept up her grades in school. (Yumi was going through a rebellious age where she would neglect her schoolwork for fighting practice instead.) She agreed almost immediately. There was a certain order that he taught her in. First was karate, after that came judo, then mui tai, boxing, and kung fu. Yumi was a fast learner, For 5 years of training Yumi was finally strong enough to do practically whatever she wanted. She persists that there must be something else he could teach her other then these self defense techniques. Her uncle thought about it. For an incredibly long time. Months have past and Yumi almost gave up on the thought. And until out of nowhere he decided she was ready to learn how to harness a weapon. When Yumi comes home from school she goes straight to warm ups. The warm ups were for the knife fighting and learning how to shoot various of guns and sniper rifles. Over the few years of training she has learned techniques to fight like a pro, Yumi's uncle also taught her how to become a ghost too. In the case that something similar to her parents might happen to Yumi. How to disappear from the government eyes and reappear when no ones looking. Ironically she became an assassin to seek the ones who killed her parents. Her uncle wanted her to know more about business and how to handle money along the way. So he taught her who to go to in a time of emergency, how to become a con man, along with knowing how the underground business works in that kind of area. Yumi was genuinely interested in this type of work because usually it doesn't involve a whole lot of blood. Being a thief and an assassin has struck fear into many people who know her. Eventually she got a name for herself in the world (both the dark side and the side of justice). Yumi got the title "Black Sparrow" due to her swiftness during her jobs. Her uncle was never more proud. Even though Yumi is learning all of this, she is not forgetting to have a life as a cover up. She has friends in high school and she does have some days off. Those days off don't come very often but when they do Yumi generally spends them reading a good book or playing video games to pass the time.

Current Life Age 18
As of currently, Yumi's life has been filled with jobs that is provided by her uncle.
He gives her missions to assassinate people that other customers pay good money for them to be dead. The pay is great, and getting the opportunity to find her parent's killers was even better. Slowly getting better at killing and staying under cover she is also getting ready to graduate high school. Yumi has been slowly getting less and less jobs because her uncle knew how busy be a senior can be. Yumi was a little happy that her uncle understood her problems when it came to school. Around the corner Yumi's birthday was coming up. Her uncle gave her an early birthday present. He gave her a Van Dyke custom sniper rifle that can shoot farther then 10 miles away and her double blades that she named "Bon and Hyde". She was so happy, she loved her new weapons compared to what she was using before. Several days past and everything seemed fine and normal until all of a sudden, Yumi's uncle got killed. She found his body in the yard, she only just went away for 3 days to finish a mission, and then she came back to find her closest family dead. The house was wrecked and everything was completely destroyed. It seemed like there was a lot of resisting. In the end her uncle lost. Yumi was in shock, she knew she had clean up the house and call people to take away the body. If she didn't people would have started to become suspicious around her. Yumi's face when she saw the medical people taking her uncle away was probably the face of an enraged demon. The medical people were scared of her. Yumi's uncle has been there ever since she was born. He was her best friend, mentor, and the world's greatest uncle. But now since he's gone, she practically have no one left. Yumi swore that she will find her family murderers and seek revenge on them one by one..."I will find them and I will kill them. Slowly and painfully..." "They will all die by my hands...if not, then their family will feel the same pain as mine did." Now, her reason to kill is for vengeance.

p.s. The story is kinda fast, but unless you want to read the 10 page version I'll just leave it like this. lol.ouob

Yumi is very simple, she doesn't like it when things get complicated for no reason. Because of her past, her heart has been getting colder. The little trust for people she had in her heart only got smaller. Yumi now manages her own work and despite her uncle ways, he would usually pick work that paid less but for the people who she thought were his friends. Yumi didn't like the idea of being used, but those were her training days so she couldn't really decline. Now even though her uncle's friends come asking her for help nonchalantly like they felt that they didn't even need her uncle there to make her do something, pissed her off. Yumi has no sympathy for those who use others without paying the right price. Even though Yumi really liked the assassination business, eventually she got into being a thief. Realizing she can gain more information about the underworld business through this line of work, and much easier too. Finding the people who killed her family will be faster then she thought.

Yumi may always seem to have an emotionless expression like she is empty inside, but she is not. She just doesn't want to waste needless energy being happy and peppy like most girls her age. She likes putting up a fake smile so people around her can assume that she is just a normal person. But Yumi also wishes to smile genuinely sometimes if rare moments make her happy. Despite he lack of happiness, whenever she works in a group to get a difficult job done she tries to have an attitude and make people laugh because of how that image doesn't fit her. She enjoys seeing people smile and laugh. Also, Yumi is slightly quick tempered. Especially to little brats, Yumi hates children and if they are annoying, it won't be fun for that kid. She can be very demanding sometimes but people forgive her because they know she means well. Yumi has a very kind personality if you're not on her hit list. She is also a very loyal person once you gain her trust and respect. The only thing is, befriending Yumi enough to make her trust you completely is extremely hard. Her eyes can pierce through the truth. The only one that was successful to do so is her best friend Sherri. Sherri is a childhood friend that was always there near Yumi. She's kind of mysterious in a way but Yumi likes having her as company and so does Sherri.

Yumi knows the meaning of hard work and being serious, but sometimes she can also be spoiled and childish if she wants to be. She has little patience for stupid people or people who tells her things she already knows over and over again. Yumi is intelligent, but sometimes she does dumb mistakes without realizing it. I guess that's what make her cute. Yumi is multilingual so she speaks fluent Japanese, Korean, Chinese, and Russian. Learning from special tutors she absorbed everything she learned quite fast. She loves going to see movies, shopping, and eating ramen on her down time. Movies make her feel like she's just living in a dream and anything can happen. The only thing she is afraid of is growing old, losing money, frogs, and anything that is slimy and moves. Yumi may be tough, but she still is a girl.

p.s. I will change or correct my story a lot. lol.

Current Occupation:
Thief /Assassin/ Senior in High School


-Things that reminds her of her family


-Annoying people
-Bad Children

[Favorite Colors]

Usual Mood:
How people see her:Cool, Serious, Pretty, Cute, Smart, Happy, a little weird but not antisocial.

(how you see her and how she really is, is completely different. C; )


Original Ref:


-"I have no mercy for retards who decides to piss me off."

Other Outfits:
[Pirate Yumi]
-pirate top
-pirate bottom
The corset in the mid drift can be an option to draw. Since the top and bottom are not connected you could draw the bottom just shorts with an attached skirt. And the top is a half jacket with her black top. Any questions just ask me. c:
Ex: [Optional]

[Troopa Yumi]

You can decide to weather draw my OC in her other outfits available at the time or draw her in her usual outfit. If you want to design an outfit for her please ask me. C:

p.s.(Main Outfit) The red stockings (socks) are not pants. Just letting you know. They are usually mid thigh or high thigh but they still show that they are obviously socks/ stockings. Also the bottoms can be black cuffed shorts with a furball clip/ the fox tail attached. Or a black skirt with ruffles and on the side is a fox tail. Also on her sleeves are BOWS, like ribbon bows. They have a gold outline on them.

Her side braid: Here if you didnt see it

(Eyes): Her eyes can be light blue or a mixture of blue and purple (mainly blue). Something like majoko eyes.
Her eyes: Majoko Eyes

Her Gun: Sniper Rifle
Her Knives: x2 cause double knives

p.s. Her gun can be slightly different if too hard to draw. But still want it to be a sniper rifle. or the double knives would be good too.

Sherri Aikoto (Friend):
(You can also draw her friend if you want. c: )

Left to Right ------>

p.s. Anymore questions about my OC feel free to ask.

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