My Original Character!

Name: Yunni Shiira
Age: 21 yrs.
Gender: Female
Build: Fit Slim, 34D cup size
Eyes: Light-ish blue partially purple-ish (like gradient) (Majoko Mariko eyes)
Hair Color: Black/Dark Brown
Markings: None
Height: 5'4
DOB: Feb. 5.
Ethnicity: Japanese, Chinese, French
Underwear: Usually Yumi wears all black or red bra and simple black panties (random fact. o3o)

Current Occupation:
Thief /Assassin

[Favorite Colors]

Usual Mood:
How people see her:Cool, Pretty, a little weird but not antisocial.

(how you see her and how she really is, is completely different. C; )


Original Ref:


-"For every choice there is a consequence "
Other Outfits:
[Troopa Yumi]
You can decide to whether draw my OC in her other outfits available at the time or draw her in her usual outfit. If you want to design an outfit for her please ask me. C:

p.s.(Main Outfit) The red stockings (socks) are not pants. Just letting you know. They are usually mid thigh or high thigh but they still show that they are obviously socks/ stockings. Also the bottoms can be black cuffed shorts with a furball clip/ the fox tail attached. Or a black skirt with ruffles and on the side is a fox tail. Also on her sleeves are BOWS, like ribbon bows. They have a gold outline on them.

Her side braid: Here if you didn't see it

(Eyes): Her eyes can be light blue or a mixture of blue and purple (mainly blue). Something like majoko eyes.
Her eyes: Majoko Eyes

Her Gun: Sniper Rifle
Her Knives: x2 cause double knives

p.s. Her gun can be slightly different if too hard to draw. But still want it to be a sniper rifle. or the double knives would be good too.

Sherri Aikoto (Friend):
(You can also draw her friend if you want. c: )
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p.s. Anymore questions about my OC feel free to ask.