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My rap
Hutchinson ((Williesko diss))
Producer- Master Flax

Intro- I have a ******** problem with this one *****. I need to say something about him

The Falcon has arrived in this b***h. You can say s**t if I blast your a** with the past. I am a cool ***** who is the best. Man William you suck the rest. f*****t a** ***** with this tacky a** *****. I hate that ***** now. I think I should show you now. Couple years ago when he went to my school, I thought he was cool, until he cried like a b***h, He couldnít say s**t. On April 11 when I got off the bus this ***** tried to trip and tried to bus. When he tripped me he start shitting, Iím a cool ***** now since back in those days, that ***** be eating hay. When my cousin Jereme and I was about to beat his a**, he cried like a b***h and say he canít. He is a p***y with no dreams. I think he need no needs. One day in 5th grade we had Yu-gi-oh cards; this ***** knocked on my door and said he lost a card. I had it in my pocket this ***** was talking. He cried over s**t, like heís riding. In 6th grade when my ***** Flax came in Hyde park. This ***** will was falling apart. He was cool when he wasnít crying. I think sometimes he was lying. I canít stand his a**, Wait he donít got no cash. In 7th grade when it was the best year, this ***** couldnít hear. When I had my fat a** ex girlfriend name Debra Irvin, all William wanted is some herbs. He had no girlfriend while we were at Hyde Park. But this ***** should have a boyfriend. One day in May, He finally went out with a girl name Victoria Snortin. But she was ordering him. Iím the best ***** on the block. That ***** be telling the cops. When I broke up with Debra Irvin he went to get her with butter Oil. He tried to hit it from the back, but sadly he couldnít get in back. He tried to hump her with no d**k, I think this ***** tried to be spitting, and I will get that ***** for being retarded, but he canít see the stars. I love my woman Beth Cianfranti. But William is so horny. I think this ***** gay when he ate. I glad I wasnít there when he was gay. I thought he was straight in the game. But I see this ***** is trying to spit game. I got mega girlfriends in my life while this ***** trying to rot. I kick him down the street if I have to. ***** I think my ***** Sheldon will get you toothless, you gay motha ******** you trying to be tough. Stop b***h before I get rough. During summer time when I was on the phone. This ***** calling me wrong. He was sayingíí can I get Staceyís numberíí I said I didnít know the number, this ***** got mad and start being. Sad man ******** you William and your sister, with pictures

That was a roast from M-unit man ******** bitches who think they all that. I love my Beth Cianfranti. William stop putting holes in your wall and tried to ******** it. It ainít worth it. Stop beating off. Gay a** *****

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