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echoing words and echoing world
Some of you look/respond to some of the things I say in astonishment because you don't usually see me saying something like what I might have said. This usually occurs when ever I say something that's deep or along the lines of something you would hear from a person with years of experience in some area.Well, though some of you may not believe this, I actually tend to think quite deeply when ever I listen to music that relaxes me or when ever I am too tired to care about much else in the world except for sleep.

Some of you might ask, "how does this link to some 'world' or what ever you mentioned?". Simply the fact that most often when such things ring across my mind, it seems to always be an echo of a place that is far different from our own world and from people who seem to be like different fragments of my mind. To try and think of examples right now would just be too difficult for me; I can only state them when they come to mind while I am in a daze of some sort.

Yes, what I have stated is something that comes to mind simply for the fact that instead of hiding away my thoughts and feelings, like I most often do, except with certain people, I am letting you all see who a can truly am at times. If you have questions, fine. If you want somebody to simply listen to a problem with out an opinion, I don't mind listening. If you want an opinion on something, ask away.

I'm not saying that I'm a "wise owl" or that I can solve your problems, but I am a person who is willing to give their opinion if asked or listen when somebody needs a person to do such. Simply keep in mind I am not always the way I seem to be.

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