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RP Warm-up: Post Style Included

Ҝᾆῑɸʂɸῧ Ҝῗлɇϯᾇ

ϨϨ-Ȓȃȵҝӗɗ Ӣȕκҿ-Ӣiὴ

6ϯɧ ʛʉᾀɍȡῗӑл

Ϩӑῗɖɸɠᾶҝῢȓɇ Ϩʉȓѵῗѵɸȓ

"Savor this breath......

The clouds parted the sky as a horrifyingly powerful wind swept the plains, tearing up grass and lifting rocks from their foundation. A miniature tornado, about seven feet tall and three feet wide, touched down, breaking the area beneath it down to the bare soil, sending grass and stone cascading into the air. With that, the tornado slowly sank into the ground, rather than retreat into the sky or disperse as they usually do, leaving the tall silver-haired man in it's place.

Taking a look around the area, Kaiosou gave a light smile. "The plains of Otogakure," he thought to himself, "It has been a while!" he smirked. An air of violence rose about him. Anyone near him would instantly be filled with fear upon feeling it. This man's mood changes quickly based on his feelings, and anyone near him can always feel it. "As long as I'm here ..." he said, lifting his right hand open in front of his face, "I may as well relive it!" he yelled.

As his eyes turned from their normal crimson color to the pale green of the Kasaigan, visible green wind chakra swirled into his open palm from all directions around him. It all focused in the center of his palm, fusing as it twisted and turned endlessly, into a perfect sphere. Within the center of the green sphere was a much smaller blue sphere, which sparkled with pure power. A shrill whistle ignited the area and even Kaiosou, who was accustomed to it by now, winced at first. However he instantly regained his composure and tightened his grip on the sphere. Once again he opened his palm, this time with great force, and a burst of wind erupted from the inner sphere, forming a perfect circular blue blade of wind around the outside of the green sphere. At this point it would appear as though Kaiosou was holding a miniature Saturn in his hand. A menacing grin crossed his face and he spoke in a soft yet sadistic tone. "Surinedan ... !" With that he tossed the sphere like a grenade, far into the distance. It whistled like the winds of a hurricane as it sailed through the air, tearing through the clouds and skies. When it collided with the ground, a tornado formed, exploding up into the clouds, then bursting out with colossal force, ultimately destroying everything it touched.

Kaiosou gave a warm smile. He hadn't lost any power during his time sealed away. He could only get stronger from here, and no one was going to stand in his way.

Iit will be the last one you'll ever take."

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