Einherjar Group 1

Leader: Ray Hope -- Spells, Music Blade

Linzy Greene -- Super Human Speed/Strength, Lion Guantlets/Leggings

Tarion Amadus -- Light Manipulation, Heaven Lance

James Robin -- Shadow Manipulation, Super Human Speed, Bone Dragon Shapeshift, Dark Blade

Jenni Karsa -- Water Manipulation, Digital Ocean

Jack Miguel -- Super Human Dexterity/Agility/Strength, Excecution Scythe

Einherjar Group 2

Leader: Charmillia Rose -- Time Manipulation, Pocket Watch

Sabrina MetalHeart -- Shadow Manipulation, Super Strength, Fangs/Claws

Guillermo Sosa -- Energy Ball, Galaxy Ball, Wind Ball, Earth Ball, Shielding Ball

Majestic May -- Energy Ball, Healing Ball, Fire Ball, Ice Ball, Lightning Ball

Kiroshi Umagi -- Wood Manipulation, Blue Energy Manipulation, War Hammer

Vega Ashley -- Spells, Orange Energy Manipulation, Staff & Orange Energy Sprite

Einherjar Group 3

Coriander Avenue -- Lightning Manipulation, Dragon Shield & Sword

Grim Alice -- Sand Manipulation, Ancient God Spear

Rita Skyies -- Wind Manipulation, Orchid Bow & Vibranium Arrows

Chelsea Machine -- All Element Manipulation, Purple Energy Manipulation, Staff & Power Jewel

Luciano Chevalier -- Super Human Dexterity/Agility/Stealth, Assorted Knives

Matthew Kae -- Super Human Strength/Durability, War hammer

Einherjar Group 4

Leader: Jayden Garcia -- Fire Manipulation, Shielding, Creation, Creation War Hammer

Ania Spolenski -- Water Manipulation, Blue Energy Manipulation, Blue Energy Spear

Mhikail Gutnyk -- Super Human Intelligence, Wind Manipulation, Steel Bow & Light Arrows

Richeu Aubert -- Foresight, Stone Manipulation, Valyrian Broad Sword

Vaun Hughes -- Super Human Strength, Earth Manipulation, Valyrian Battle Axe

Kohaku Grey -- Telekenisis, Ice Manipulation, Sanctum Shield

Einherjar Group 5

Leader: Jael Strauss -- All Color Energy Manipulation, Diamond Arm

Lillian Medina -- Super Human Speed, Daisho

Lucas Parker -- Wolf Animal Shapeshift, Fangs/Claws

Gilson Parker -- Dragon Animal Shapeshift, Teeth/Claws/Tail/Breath

Anthony Cravens -- Regeneration, Love Shield & Halberd

Dalila Rosario -- Green Energy Manipulation, Love Shield & Green Rapier

Einherjar Group 6

Leader: Hau -- Super Human Intelligence, Creation, Omnipotent Disk

Egypt Dukes -- Foresight, Cards

Alice Allen -- Summoning, Crystal Heart

Joshua Carty -- Mind Control, Crystal Blood Eyes

Rashimi Veras -- Super Human Durability, Steel Skin

Nikira Rivas -- Nullification, Flame Sword

Unofficial Einherjars

Hau's Clone -- Flame Sword, Fire Manipulation

Summer Sentinel -- Twilight Manipulation, Sword

Anika Mercy -- One Eyed Goddess, Nullification

Benita Batama -- Technopathy, Switch blade

Ken -- Spells, Music Sword

Jet -- Twilight Manipulation

Mali -- War Beast Shapeshift, Lance of the Fabled Hero

Stinger -- Regeneration, Absorption, Mutated arm


Color Energies: In-case you're wondering what they do

All the einherjars has at least some extent one or two colors within them their personality gives them their own color(s). When they can manipulate their color means they can use it in its fullest extent

Red -- Super Human Qualities
Orange -- Shielding
Yellow -- Shapeshift
Green -- Absorption
Blue -- Creation
Purple -- Element Manipulations
Brown -- Nullification
White -- Healing/Regeneration
Black -- Time