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Yuki, Jace, & Demon's Adventures
the Adventures of Me & my friends :D
01: Unsuspecting
Light shimmered down through an open window, softly reflecting off of dust particles in the air. As the light filtered through the air it slowly fell upon a young girl. She slowly opened her eyes and sat up, rubbing her eyes as she did so. She looked around groggily before spotting a small scroll on her bedside table. She picked up the scroll and felt the engraved metal band that held the scroll closed. She slipped the band off, pausing to let her gaze fall onto the carved metal lion that was so realistic it seemed to smile at her. She felt the corners of her mouth turn up as she unrolled the scroll and read the familiar scrawl.

" Hey Snow! It's me! (Duh.) So, I was hoping you'd be Be able to spar with me out in the training field this morning! While my family's asleep. You know how it is. Anyways, ill see you there.

Here always,

Snow smiled and sat the scroll down on the bed. She brushed her blonde hair behind her ear and went to find some training clothes. She picked out some old clothes and then stretched sleepily before she got dressed. Next she strapped her sword to her waist and her staff to her back, and then climbed up to the window.   
Then, she stepped out. She dropped for a few seconds and the next second great feathery white wings spread from against her back and she glided from her window. She glided across town, waving at the early risers in her town as they looked up and beamed a smile her way. She smiled softly as she looked out over her home as she lifted higher into the air with a stroke of her wings. She let her gaze drift into the clouds where she spotted a black bird. She tilted her head to the side and a slight look of confusion flashed across her face before disappearing. She shook her head and banked to the left towards the green field behind the TownHall, a small but glorious building at the back of the town. She landed next to the forest at the edge of the field and turned to see Jace standing there, a grin on his face.
She paused to admire how he looked in the early morning light. The sun just starting to shine, sent its currently dim golden rays down to dance among his deep blue eyes as he smiled at her. She felt a small smile splay across her lips as she caught herself red-handed, caught up in his eyes, again. She shook her head as she stepped towards him. He then stepped forward and grabbed her into a hug. "Morning Snow!" He said softly into her ear as he placed her back on the ground. she grinned at him "Morning Jace! I got your note. What have I told you about climbing in through my window??" She said as he released his hold on her. She tucked her blonde hair behind her ear out of habit and he smirked at her. "You always fidget with your hair around me." He stated in a matter-of-fact tone, dodging my question. He shook his blonde hair out of his face and stepped back. "Well lets get started shall we?" He asked as he nonchalantly drew a sword he used for practicing. Snow rolled her eyes, doing the same as she placed her right foot around a step behind her left and raised her sword. Jace stepped forward to slash before Snow suddenly yelled "Duck!" And dropped her sword, sending a flash of light that slammed into a demon with fierce red eyes and leathery black wings. She stood there, seeing shock in Jace's eyes as he turned around, his stance now aggressive and with anger seeping into his gaze. "Snow! Are you ok??" He said quickly, turning back around to face her. She gave a curt nod and bent over to pick up her sword. As she stood back up, she looked around. She froze as she heard the yells of her fellow townspeople. "Jace! The town! It's under attack!" She told him with an edge of fear in her voice. Jace looked torn as his gaze went from her to the town and back to her. "Snow...." He murmured before he shooknhis head and straightened his shoulders, his gaze becoming hard once more. He hugged her tight and then gripped his sword. "Go to town hall....get inside and stay safe...Ill protect you...no matter what."
"Jace..are you stupid?? Do you think I'm going to let you fight alone?? What is wrong with you??" She snapped at him, grabbing his arm and holding onto it so he couldn't leave. "don't go out there....I have a bad feeling about this..." She told him. Fear leaked into her gaze as she saw he was determined to go. "Jace..." She whispered frantically. He shook her hands off him and nudged her towards the town hall, she sighed and started walking, using every ounce of self control in her being to not stop him as she heard him walking towards the fighting.

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