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Yuki, Jace, & Demon's Adventures
the Adventures of Me & my friends :D
the FIRST set of main charachters
Name: Snow
Appearance: Blonde hair that is down to her back. She has blue eyes & white wings. she is around average height about 5' 6". she has a petite build.
Personality: Snow can be quite stubborn at times. She is quiet at times but loud at others. she has a very kind heart & is willing to get injured for some1 although she hates feeling weak. she pushes herself to far many times in order to not have to be protected.
Background: Snow was created as an Angel, she lived as a human with Jace, however has nine of her past memories like the rest of the angels do,
Jace is her Soul match. They were created together & they have a special bond that connects them to each other. She works best with healing magic & other magic. she is a good longe range fighter & combines magiv w/ long range weapons every now and then

Name: Jace Farlayne
Appearance: Blonde hair that comes down almost even w/ his eyebrows. Blue eyes & White wings. Muscular build & is about 6ft even.
Personality: Jace is brave but he is still smart. He is kind hearted but he trys not to show it. If anything ever happened to Snow though you dont want to be fighting him. It wont end well for you...
Background: Jace is Snows Soul Match. Jace can normally be found training to get stronger. Jace lived as a human before he became an Angel with Snow. Jace also strives to keep Snow safe no matter what even though she doesnt like being protected. Jace was always near Snow when they were younger. You only had to find one to know where the other was.

Name: Demon Sword
Appearance: Demon has blue colored hair along w/ deep blue eyes. he has black leathery wings & is kinda tall & lean but muscular. he has a powerful aura to him & has scars all over him from battles & training from when he wasnt one of the strongest demons in the universe.
Personality: Demon is a demon. not much to say about personality though. he can be kind but its normaly only towards Jace, sometimes Snow when she isnt being stubborn over somethin crazy. He is very nonchalant about things normaly. He can be pretty blunt though.
Bio: not much is known about Demons past but he is the leader of the 5th regiment in the Demonic Army. His best friend is Lt. Miles in his regiment. this regiment happens to be the smallest regiment in the Demonic Army.

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