The love of my life... We have known each other for so little time and there will be trials and difficulties in our relationship undoubtedly but I know that together we can make it. We are both determined and we both know where we want this to go and what we want out of this relationship..

I saw a post in a guild thread that caught my eye.. You caught my interest and seemed like you could be a good fit.. I thought "heck, if nothing else I could make a friend, what do I have to lose?" so I messaged you and after not much time we aquired new feelings for each other.

We talk non-stop from the time you wake me up in the morning to the time you fall asleep. You are so affectionate, sweet, caring, thoughtful, adorable, playful, talkative, and cutesy. I love to be awoken by your beautiful voice in the morning and listen to you talk about nothing and everything.. I can't help but lay there in bed and snuggle with my pillows wishing you were there beside me, holding me close. I can't wait for the day when you can come be with me in person so I can hold you and kiss you and and do all that I can't through text and calls..

I can't wait for our future together.. I marked it with a heart on my calender 8/16/2011. The first day of our lives together. I am so happy to call you my girlfriend and I am looking forward to everyday we have together from now on..

I love you so very much Ashley, Mr 357, mi amor.. You are all I could ask for and more. I love you always and forever..