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Characters and interesting tidbits I find.
Nothing too special in here. If something catches my fancy, or I think deserves to be saved I'll post it in here. Otherwise I use this mostly to host my personal RolePlaying character profiles.
Character Profile - Zandra Ryke

Full Name: Zandra Ryke

Nicknames/Aliases: Her preference is simply “Ryke” but she will also answer to such things as, “Zan”, little brother Noah calls her Zanny, and her best friend Izzy calls her “Zandy” but honestly - it irritates her.

Age: 29 years - Birthday June 17th

Gender: Female

Race & Birthplace: Human – Gaian born originating from the outskirts of Aekea.

Name: Zandra Ryke (She is typically referred to as simply, Ryke. While it is easier to remember and slightly more professional than first name basis, this originally started not out of personal preference but from her many associates and has since become habit, and an adopted nickname.)



Hair color: Natural Red (ginger)

Eye color: Blue green

Height: 5'7 ½”

Weight: 153lbs

Body Type: Ryke is long and lean. She's tall, with a slender profile, not wide in her structure but carries a well-defined athleticism. She's not cut like a body builder by any means but she has some muscle built up from exercise, good old hard work and her bounty-hunting job. Oh and she's about a B cup - which makes her the butt of many jokes.

Description: The most obvious and noticeable trait about Ryke is that she is a ginger. A true and natural red-head. She keeps her characteristically messy hair chopped short, usually never longer than somewhere between chin and neck length. Every so often she’ll grow tired of keeping it up and allow it to grow another two inches or so to just above her shoulders. She has a few favorite accessories, like her blast goggles, bullet casing necklace and slightly more trendy looking ear studs.

Ryke really isn’t anything special. She’s quirky and very boyish in her manner. Her features are plain and could maybe be considered ‘cute’ in all her tomboy roughness but if not for the hair, she wouldn’t really stand out of a crowd in any way. She’s tall and lean, with a small bust and . Ryke is lightly and naturally tanned from consistent sun exposure, which brings out the light freckles she has on her face and shoulders. She’s not covered in them, but anyone would be blind not to see that her skin is hardly flawless and carries traces of every dear wear and tear, one or two faint scars from childhood accidents or rough play and so on. However, if there is one even remotely pretty thing about her, it’s the eyes, with their bluish green color and full of character. They give her away faster than any expression she might wear, but not entirely.

Her style of dress is very casual, often bordering on boyish and relaxed. She likes jeans, shorts, pants of the cargo and variety and also prefers t-shirts, boy tanks, boots and anything more rugged. She has a couple of tattoos but most of them are easily concealed by clothing, give or take one or two.


On her right wrist is a tattoo that she shares with her twin sister (Elisa) who wears hers on the left; the design is something of their own creation, involving the astrological sign for Gemini sitting inside (center of) a fairly large star with the genogram sign for Identical Twins passing through and slightly overlapping the star. Around the larger star are five smaller stars completely colored in black ink, representative of their birth month: May.

In the center of her left wrist is a smallish, stylized knot with black “vines” (black inked lines) that unfurl from the center point and actually wrap around the wrist and part of her hand. It has no real special meaning but it essentially represents “inner strength”, and was acquired after her first time in the Heaven or Hell tournament.

On her upper back spanning from her right shoulder almost to the left is a pair of shaded wings with the words: "alis volat propriis" - latin for "flies with her own wings" which is all about her independence, despite having a big family and really being close with them.

On her chest just above the breasts and appropriately placed is a decorative lock in the shape of a heart, haphazardly wrapped with chain. Ryke is not one to love freely and easily, so it is representative of the concept that when she is ready to commit, the right person for her will have the right key to the fickle heart of hers.

On the right side of her neck is a trinity knot inside of a semi-wide circle in which three words: Humanity, Clarity & Courage sit, at each place the knot intersects with itself. This piece represents how strongly she feels about her humanity (as in, she's this no power - no name, girl next door pure human who can go toe to toe with some of the wildest things Gaia has to offer. She got it after participating in the Yggdrasil tournament with Radek (an on & off love interest / friend)


Mechanic (Primary occupation) – her family (father primarily) owns a parts and repair business and deals in scrap on the side. It was also where she got her first job. So from working often enough in the shop, Ryke has developed a knack for fixing and diagnosing problems with machinery, some automotive knowledge and just a general know-how of things work. She’s not afraid to get dirty and quite enjoys taking something apart and putting it back together just to fix a problem or figure out how it works. Such a job provides her with the knowledge and skills to fix most equipment, from very basic to moderately bigger and more complex.

Hand to Hand Combat - Ryke is primarily self-trained in her skills and far from being an expert but all the while she is very familiar with her own personal limits and strong points, knowing just what she is actually capable of. As a fairly experienced fighter, and through a good few years with plenty of practice Ryke is capable of quick, fierce punches and forceful kicks, making for moderately powerful blows where her opponent fails to block or adequately defend his/herself. While her compatriot, Ebris, is more of a traditional brawler, she usually finds herself something of a brawler as well, but subtly so.

Improvisation - When pitted in a situation where her fists lack and her weapons are unavailable to her, Ryke has a particular knack for making good use of her immediate surroundings to get an edge. Anything goes depending on the setting, as long as it’s not bolted down or too heavy to lift.

Pain tolerance - Ryke is neither superhuman nor even close to peak human but she has built up a decent pain tolerance and resistance to physical violence. She’s been shot at, stabbed and punched more times than she’d prefer to count. Working in her father’s shop she’s certainly injured herself on frequent occasion, while she was doing bounty hunter/mercenary work, she had to learn how to just take what came at her, worrying about the mark first and obstacles second and is no stranger to getting beaten up. Despite her ruggedness, she isn’t capable of soaking up a ton of damage and a debilitating injury is still a debilitating injury.


Blast Goggles - With shatter resistant lenses, they offer the wearer full protection against debris, resisting wind and dust along with very basic fog reducing. While moderately durable, it's very clear they have seen better days but they're still functional. They’ve almost become pretty iconic over the years.

Work Boots – Rugged and about shin-high, Ryke’s boots have a steel reinforcement in the toe, offering protection from falling objects and puncture wounds. In addition, they are equipped with composite steel plate mid-soles, while they add a little extra force to kicks, they mainly prevent puncture from below.

Bracers - These are leather sleeves reinforced to provide resistance to slashing and some puncture damage. They cover Ryke’s hands from wrists to forearms stopping about 3 inches before the elbow. Two short rows of four studs line the part of the sleeve that covers the knuckles, for obvious purposes.

Maglite – Yes, a flashlight. A typical maglite, it’s approximately 14 inches in length and weighs around 36 oz.

Zippo lighter – She doesn’t smoke, but once you know all the creative uses for a lighter besides giving yourself cancer, you start to appreciate all of mankind’s random little inventions.

Bat - 34-inch 31oz standard baseball bat. Nothing fancy, just a damn good beating stick when bitches get out of line.

Machete – Pretty basic here, the blade is carbon steel, full tang, 20 inches in length with a weight of 1 pound and 3 ounces. This weapon is not so much incredibly sharp than it is good for hacking and can easily knock of a limb with a good few strokes.

Boot knife – Ryke carries a concealed fixed-blade knife sheathed and tucked away in her right boot facing outwards. Fairly small, its double-edged blade is only 4 inches in length with a hilt length of around 3 inches. There's nothing very special about it, besides being particularly handy when she’s backed into a corner and really wants to ruin someone’s day.

Personal Details

Attitude and Personality: Ryke is pretty easy going I suppose. She likes adventure and excitement, a little bit of a thrill seeker at times but to a point. Overall she isn’t quick to anger but with enough persistent effort, she could be brought to acts of aggression. To most, she is reserved, not cold but not immediately welcoming or friendly.

She keeps her family close to heart and the relaionships she shares with her siblings is strong, but more so with her twin sister Elisa. They are the most important people in her life and between them exists a vast level of trust and admiration.

As a lover, she carefully guards a softer, tender heart. Love, of the romantic kind, does not come easily and it takes a very specific sort of man to get her attention.

While she won’t go out of her way to please someone, she can be quite the devoted friend when and if she makes a very large emotional investment in another person and will defend them tooth and nail if need be.

Strengths: Ryke prides herself on her independence and frequently makes good efforts to establish her place in the world. Courage is another aspect of her persona, as she's more than eager to stand up to any task despite the dangers or risks involved; On top of all this she has a good eye for seeing folks as they really are or at least has a fairly good judge of character, a trait she actually worked on over time. She is fairly intelligent, despite what first impressions might be and the attitude she puts forth.

Weaknesses: That courageousness can also be a not so redeeming quality and sometimes leads her into troublesome and even extremely dangerous situations that would lead her to take outside help in order to get out of it. Another drawback would be again on one of her strengths. Her pride in independence can sometimes blossom into plain old arrogance and stubbornness clouding her judgment and leading to her taking unnecessary risks.




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