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Obvious is obvious....
[7/19/11] Hey, it's been a while my sweeties &3 Well, time to start writing. So, lemme start with "Back in 6th grade." So, continuing from that, in my Math class, I had to sit next to this little painus in the a**s. His name was Carl. I really hated him... So obnoxious and everything... I think he even called me a poser because I wore "Skateboarding Shoes," but I dunno... Anyway, a few months into school, he was gone, he changed schools..... But since I have a facebook, I used it to creep... And may I mind you, we are moving. So, since we're moving.... I found out.... I'm going to school with him again this year.... Hopefully he won't be in any of my classes.... Oh, the best part is, this school year starts on my birthday. . .''''' Greatest Birthday present ever? Yeah right.... Well anyway, I'll see if this situation turns good, or bad. I'll keep you updated in this entry... 'Till August 29th, I'll write you then.....

[7/20/11] Hey, remember the last entry? Well, listen to what I get in return.... 1.) Calls me a backstabber and a liar.
2.) Says that he doesn't trust me, but he trusts my sister.
3.) Trauma, I mean seriously, that last journal entry was a bunch of mindrape if you were me.
4.) I told Meat Grinder on Facebook that I disowned her(Don't ask about MG) and this is a comment that was added.... AND I QUOTE!
"Sergio Marvin Burgos Toledo Fuji, you have to stop being a d**k...seriously...no one cares alright? Sheesh...
11 hours ago ยท Like

Sergio Marvin Burgos Toledo Get a life for once damn it! And you'd better not mess with Diwa...alright! ********, idc if you disown her because of the puppy love you have for yan. You are nothing but a disgrace...idc anymore, make everyone go against me, but I wont care damn it!"

I mean really, wtf? Yan is closer than he ever will be or ever was, she's my little sister, not a love puppet you a**s >_>
So anyway, this just sickens me and it is highly irrelevant to this entry, but I guess it could be considered a confliction. Who. Knows.

[7/21/11] PFFFFFFFFFF, HAHAHAHA..... Okay, first of all, Shoes(Syphie) put Sergio up to a challenge... It consisted of:And I made him list 5 reasons why he loved you
[7/20/2011 3:04:40 PM] Shoes: 5 reasons why you are mad at him
[7/20/2011 3:04:52 PM] Shoes: 5 reasons why he should apologize
[7/20/2011 3:05:08 PM] Shoes: 5 reasons why he is a birch
[7/20/2011 3:05:12 PM] Shoes: **b***h
[7/20/2011 3:05:38 PM] Shoes: 5 reasons why he wants to be friends with you again
[7/20/2011 3:05:52 PM] Shoes: And another 5 things he should change about himself
So, I checked my PMs about... 20 minutes ago and got this:(and I quote) "FINE! IM SORRY!!! alright? this was all my fault! im sorry that i ignored you, i was a confused a*****e, but you really did mean a lot to me...i treated you as if you really were my brother...i told you everything...i actually felt safe around you...but you seem much different now...you seem to hate everything i do...and the whole meat grinder incident, guess what? it was resolved...i shouldnt have said that...im just really protective of friends...and i was mad at you at the time because i didnt know what else to be...the reason i wanted to quit earlier was because i had lost you. i was really depressed afterwards...and just one more thing. im still friends with yan...but we barely talk...she's scared of what you'll do to her if you ever found out...she thinks you'll scream the hell out of her...that doesnt seem nice at all...im sorry to have intruded in your life, alright? if you'd like i can delete your sister for you, so you two will finally get along again...and if you read this PM, thank you for at least wasting you time on the likes of me...you dont have to forgive me, i wouldnt after the things i've done to you, i just wanted you to know, that's all..." <---From Sergio.
That didn't even do everything Shoes told him to put, nor does it state the reason why I'm mad at him c: How sad people don't remember their own words spoken = w=

[7/22/11] Short one today, last night, I got my dad "Pee-Eye-Ess-Ess-E-Dee"(Sorry, I don't say bad words =w ='''') because I dropped his beer can when it was closed but I thought it would be fine, then it explooded.... Yeah ._. Then he used a blanket of mine to clean the mess. Wtf? Dx

[8/30/11] Yeahhhhhh, I'm not going to bother explaining school =m=''

(If you haven't caught on, the colors are VERY important [i.e. Red=Rage Green=Jealousy and so on])

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    Afternoon Sunshine
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    Fri Jul 22, 2011 @ 09:21pm

    Spectrum of colors.

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