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July 19, 2011
I had a semi decent day in RL. I made a complete slide show detailing my future job, Army Medic, for my English project. With that I have completed my personal portfolio, and im on my way to study Hamlet next week ^^. wish me luck! 3 more weeks after this one, my average is an 82 in English, and a 99 in Economics (my final for that is monday, then I take PIG Participation In Government).

I also got a great amount of sleep yesterday, seeing how these last few days ive been deprived do to a gaia addiction!

No progress with zOMG. Its sort of boring alone, and crewing random people isnt my thing. If you wanna hit up a few rounds doing doll, or the OMGWTF in dead mans pass, lemme know, my clvl is 3.9 with a 6.5 gun gun gun, along with 3 other attack rings 3.0+, a first aid 4.0 and defib 3.0