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July 16 2011
Well, today was my first actual day of playing Gaia online, I got to lvl 3.4 on zomg within 2 hours, not a bad feat I think. Also made about 140k in 10 minutes, not to mention the 20k gold I received doing zomg from nonstop kills on gnomes at lvl 1.6, getting enough rings and orbs to get to 3.4 in a mere 2 hours.

I plan on doing more Gcash offers when I get back on, and selling the monthly collectables Ill have (aiming for about 4-5 of them).

I dont have any wants that I saw on the market, well maybe some angelic wings, but right now using my kitty form would make it unviewable... making the actual point of buying it useless.

I had created my home(spending about 20k) as well, how do people get their homes bigger? I already upgraded mine, and nothing happened, and infor would be nice.

I also spent about 30k on the car today, so... yeah if it doesnt look good to you, it doesnt matter to me =p

Also ive been asked the question, probably by newbies like myself, "how did you turn into a cat shape?" and the answer is, its an evolving item for 49cash. I bought 2 of them, and used one for the body, and the other for the face.

Im not going to even touch my aquarium yet, 51k left for spending, and I would rather start saving now that I am keeping up.

Oh and for those of you with like 2000 achievement points, and like months of playing, and bragging about it, I got 3400 points over night =p I had like 250 when I started tonight, ended with 3650. Don't believe me? Check my history! Im working on a few more, im going to put off gender bender, because ill need 2 pots and they are priced around 50k each. God knows id love to be a girl and trick desperate guys, but i'm not that evil.

OK last thing- Im thinking about making a guild, a good one that is very socialable. If yall can join and assist with my empire--- I mean social guild, then I would very much appreciate it!