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Baby boomers
So i find it really funny that we have had another baby boomers....i mean i'm only nineteen but when i became pregnant with my daughter i found myself saying more congratulations than getting congratulations myself. I don't mind though. Whats more fasinating is with this baby boomers the mothers are all so young, teen moms. This is very bad for this baby boomers because with earth we are repetitive, we repeat history over and over with a few changes here and there and the obvious different century. So what is the next baby boomers going to look like? will it be ten to fourteen year olds getting pregnant? now the scary part is with every baby boomers there is a massive population wipe out. Massive killings with tsunamis, bombs, or just some unexplained dissaster. I personally am not thrilled to find out. None the less it's all happening again so i'm just going to buckle my seat belt and wait.