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I Dub Thee: "Special Edition"
Dreamin' DeadMou5
People do strange things under pressure? Evidently.

Last night, after studying and worrying about the psychology examination that the following day holds. I find that in my dream I was the age I am now (17) walking through the house I was in when I was a little kid, I walk into my parent's bedroom where I find that sitting on the shelving of their bed-head was a little red mouse, almost toy-like, with button-eyes, and it was screaming at me pretty loudly.

Now. I used to use the journal system on www.gaiaonline.com to record dreams I remembered. And found that, like anything you learn, I was able to recall any of them at any time I wanted to without having to look it up. Maybe making typing it up in the first place void, yet if I hadn't've done it I wouldn't be able to remember them. EH.

I've been thinking a lot about my dreams, I am often able to become aware of things through them that I normally wouldn't think about, or put a new perspective on something I have been thinking about. Either way...
The red mouse is, if you're familiar with the DJ scene, a DJ called "Dead Mou5" (say dead mouse), but in the dream just because that's something that's been influential to me recently and I've been thinking a bit about it, really there as a way of performing another role. I figure that mice are very small, and small things always build up to piss me off. Constantly. I only say it represents a problem since it was screaming at me and I found it quite unbearable even though it was just in a dream. The fact that I found it in my parents bedroom probably indicates that I have a lot of problems with my parents, or at least they're the ones on my mind / that bother me a lot more than other problems. True.

It seems to be a common theme that something that was recently been an influence on me / something I've been directly involved in will usually end up playing a role in a dream out of context, that is, it's not there to perform it's normal real-world function, it's trying to get something else across. Which's wonderful.

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