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Tsundere Girl Anon ♥
I felt like I'm talking to a female version of Arthur LOL.

This is the sweetest and funniest female anon I've ever met ; w ;
She's quite adorkable and cute and downright lovable.
I've heard of her from other events actually, but it's the first time I've spoken to her.
And man, I tell you it's quite lovely. ; w ;

And you know what like that anon who gave me the Fall Bride, I'll never let the item go. EVER. I - it's so special to me.
I've been trying to get it ever since I saw it on the marketplace. Unfortunately, I can never seem to reach it 'cause I donate to other people's quests x'D ;;
So yeah. It's special. ; w ; ♥

Another reason is because, I didn't really have a good day today [ the day I wrote this of course ] 'cause of an incident that happened while I was at my school. So it made me feel a lot better than I was feeling earlier. [ Winter Prince brightened up my day with a conversation too by the way ♥ ] All the anons who have anoned me made me feel better too! So I'd like to thank the anons ; w ; ♥

• Thank you so much Tsundere Girl, you don't know how much that meant to me.
And even though it's just a virtual thing, I really appreciate it 'cause it brightened up my dreadful day. Thank you so much ♥