A few weeks ago my group and I went to bew hawes state park a known haunted location in my town now....Instead of looking into the usual tale of ghost in the park we went to check out another tale that floats around and thats the railroad tracks in the very back past the barn...not a good idea Tale goes that the barn had animal sacrfices done in there and that the animal bodies and such were found so when you pass the barn I do get a very bad vibe anyway! off track sorry

we went to the railroad tracks.....very very creepy we heard a woman ethier screaming or laughing like mad in the woods me tiff and chris stayed at the car while robbie and jordan went to the tracks..... apparently while in the car a man sat next to tiffany in the back seat...I could not see him but the whole car got very cold.... he wouldnt leave so we opned the door and he finally left...only to have another dark figure come running up on the car >.<;; not good

later on while listening to our recorders the one jordan had there was a banging noise following him like someone was taking a hammer and beating on the tracks... and I heard a few whispers

and as for the recorder in the car with chris me and tiffany we heard other voices whispering about us O.o gets creepier chris has a tendency to whistle to get poeples attention whatever was near us decided to whistle right after him SEVERAL times I might add

now...... for some reaon I don't no why I want to go back to that place.....I know jordan wants to go back to he knows the place really well

chris....is a little skeptical....he's afraid of what might happen if we go back and tiffany well she likes to take risks x.x which brings me to think of that qoute I always say

"curiosity killed the cat but satisfaction brought it back"