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From Opposite Ends of the World
[04:37] nsnt: hi?
[04:37] Anikacy: hi!
[04:37] Anikacy: are you okay
[04:37] Anikacy: smilies/icon_surprised.gif
[04:37] Anikacy: you got me worried
[04:37] nsnt: aww
[04:37] nsnt: i'm ok smilies/icon_smile.gif
[04:37] Anikacy: yay
[04:37] Anikacy: :]
[04:38] nsnt: something did happen haha
[04:38] Anikacy: i cant sleep at night
[04:38] Anikacy: xD
[04:38] nsnt: ooh
[04:38] Anikacy: what happened?
[04:38] nsnt: what time is it there?
[04:38] Anikacy: 4:38 am
[04:38] Anikacy: lol
[04:39] nsnt: haha
[04:39] nsnt: wow
[04:39] Anikacy: you?
[04:39] Anikacy: what time is it there
[04:39] nsnt: 3:40 pm
[04:39] nsnt: smilies/icon_biggrin.gif
[04:39] Anikacy: lol
[04:40] Anikacy: across the world from me
[04:40] Anikacy: xD
[04:40] Anikacy: so what happened
[04:40] nsnt: secret smilies/icon_razz.gif
[04:41] nsnt: haha
[04:41] nsnt: just dont feel like talking about it
[04:41] Anikacy: aww okie
[04:41] Anikacy: im gonna invent a tactic
[04:41] Anikacy: thats gonna make you say it to me
[04:41] Anikacy: lmao
[04:41] nsnt: xD
[04:42] Anikacy: but right now im gonna try the blunt front
[04:42] Anikacy: where i ask
[04:42] Anikacy: why not?
[04:42] Anikacy: xD
[04:43] nsnt: r u typing something?
[04:43] Anikacy: oh yeah im adding on to my journal
[04:43] Anikacy: on gaia
[04:43] Anikacy: i have 100+ pages
[04:43] Anikacy: lol
[04:43] nsnt: haha
[04:43] Anikacy: mhmm :]
[04:44] nsnt: i dont get what u said
[04:44] Anikacy: so why wont you tell me
[04:44] Anikacy: smilies/icon_razz.gif
[04:44] nsnt: ohh
[04:44] Anikacy: i just did one of my other tricks
[04:44] Anikacy: where i confuse you
[04:44] Anikacy: xD
[04:44] Anikacy: ....
[04:44] Anikacy: but yeah
[04:44] Anikacy: lol
[04:44] nsnt: xD
[04:44] Anikacy: im so gonna try that at pool next time
[04:44] Anikacy: xD
[04:45] nsnt: hmm
[04:45] nsnt: u'r good
[04:45] nsnt: xD
[04:45] Anikacy: why thank you
[04:45] Anikacy: xD
[04:45] Anikacy: your better
[04:45] Anikacy: :]
[04:45] nsnt: i'm talking about extracting information
[04:45] nsnt: xD
[04:46] nsnt: well if u want to know
[04:46] Anikacy: lmao thank you to that too
[04:46] Anikacy: xD
[04:46] Anikacy: i meant pool though
[04:46] Anikacy: yes i do
[04:46] Anikacy: :]
[04:47] nsnt: it's something to do with an over-complicated love story -,-
[04:47] nsnt: haha
[04:47] Anikacy: ooh i love love storyies
[04:47] Anikacy: tell me
[04:47] Anikacy: i had my share
[04:47] Anikacy: ill tell you mine!
[04:47] nsnt: wow
[04:48] Anikacy: mhmm
[04:48] nsnt: hmm
[04:48] nsnt: not sure where to start
[04:48] nsnt: haha
[04:49] Anikacy: well obviously your the main character in it :]
[04:49] Anikacy: start of with you
[04:49] Anikacy: and your love intrest
[04:49] Anikacy: xD
[04:49] nsnt: i'm not a pro in this
[04:49] nsnt: xD
[04:49] Anikacy: hmmm
[04:49] Anikacy: me neither
[04:49] Anikacy: but do tell
[04:49] Anikacy: xD
[04:50] nsnt: ok here goes
[04:50] nsnt: lol
[04:50] nsnt: it began around 7 months ago,
[04:51] Anikacy: oooh
[04:51] nsnt: when i started to know this girl well
[04:51] nsnt: we are in the same university,
[04:52] nsnt: and we both r majoring in physics
[04:52] nsnt: soo
[04:52] Anikacy: ooh dreamy
[04:53] nsnt: oh and we live in the same hostel
[04:53] nsnt: what?
[04:53] nsnt: soo
[04:53] nsnt: we meet everyday
[04:54] nsnt: and in short time became best friends
[04:54] Anikacy: awwww
[04:54] nsnt: ><
[04:54] Anikacy: xD go on
[04:54] Anikacy: :]
[04:54] nsnt: then i didnt remember when,
[04:54] nsnt: but i started to have feelings for her
[04:55] nsnt: but as best friends, i know well she's in love for someone else
[04:55] nsnt: lol
[04:55] Anikacy: ooh i read one of these before
[04:55] nsnt: similar story?
[04:56] Anikacy: almost
[04:56] Anikacy: ahhhh
[04:56] Anikacy: i remember now what happened
[04:56] nsnt: so basically she is also close to someone else
[04:56] nsnt: idk how close
[04:56] Anikacy: aww
[04:56] nsnt: so i just try to deny it for our friendship
[04:56] Anikacy: you really like her dont you?
[04:57] nsnt: listen2
[04:57] nsnt: this is just the beginning
[04:57] Anikacy: ok
[04:57] nsnt: haha
[04:57] Anikacy: oh yeah i frogot its complicated
[04:57] Anikacy: xD
[04:57] Anikacy: go on
[04:57] nsnt: then basically days passed without nothing much happening
[04:58] nsnt: until one day
[04:58] nsnt: when she suddenly confessed her love to me
[04:59] nsnt: haha
[04:59] nsnt: ahh that day
[04:59] Anikacy: smilies/icon_surprised.gif
[04:59] Anikacy: awsm
[04:59] nsnt: ok so i told her how i felt
[04:59] nsnt: the problem is
[05:00] nsnt: the problem is if she were to be with me there are problems
[05:00] nsnt: lol
[05:00] nsnt: especially
[05:00] nsnt: bcs it turns she is much closer to this other someone than i thought
[05:01] nsnt: i only knw that officially they r not in a relationship
[05:01] Anikacy: smilies/icon_surprised.gif
[05:01] nsnt: so it's about 2 days when we wre together,
[05:01] nsnt: until she realized she cant go on like this
[05:02] nsnt: well she had to choose
[05:02] Anikacy: oooh
[05:02] Anikacy: >___<
[05:02] nsnt: but she couldn't
[05:02] Anikacy: imean of course she couldnt!
[05:02] Anikacy: i hate choosing too
[05:02] Anikacy: x Ox
[05:03] nsnt: yeah
[05:03] Anikacy: but anyways go on
[05:03] nsnt: hehe
[05:03] nsnt: then suddenly she chose to leave us both
[05:03] nsnt: hmm
[05:03] Anikacy: booo!
[05:03] nsnt: she said it to me
[05:03] nsnt: wait2
[05:03] Anikacy: ok
[05:04] nsnt: that was march 24
[05:04] nsnt: today is june
[05:04] nsnt: so some more are coming
[05:04] nsnt: lol
[05:04] Anikacy: she came back!
[05:04] Anikacy: did she
[05:04] nsnt: soo, she stays at the same hostel with me right,
[05:04] nsnt: she tells everything to me,
[05:05] nsnt: but the other guy didnt know a thing
[05:05] nsnt: until she suddenly decided to go away
[05:05] nsnt: so he's clearly upset
[05:06] nsnt: and i just realized that they r that close
[05:06] Anikacy: smilies/icon_surprised.gif
[05:06] nsnt: so i left them to sort their problem first
[05:07] Anikacy: x____x ahahaha bad move! Dx
[05:07] nsnt: besides i could nt really think clearly that time
[05:07] nsnt: haha Dx
[05:07] Anikacy: i understand
[05:07] Anikacy: :[
[05:07] Anikacy: i did that mistake once
[05:07] Anikacy: but go on
[05:08] nsnt: but that 2 days i mentioned
[05:08] nsnt: hmm
[05:08] nsnt: nvm that
[05:08] nsnt: what i'm trying to say
[05:08] Anikacy: you guys did somethin freaky
[05:08] Anikacy: ;D
[05:08] Anikacy: ....
[05:09] Anikacy: dont tell me im right
[05:09] nsnt: no no
[05:09] Anikacy: phew
[05:09] nsnt: i'm typing lol
[05:09] Anikacy: ok
[05:09] Anikacy: lol
[05:09] nsnt: we were really close, so the other guy's kinda
[05:10] nsnt: couldn't trust her again
[05:10] nsnt: hm
[05:10] Anikacy: so did you take your chance?
[05:10] nsnt: so 1 week after that
[05:11] nsnt: you mean?
[05:11] Anikacy: like he clearly didnt trust her
[05:11] Anikacy: as much as you do
[05:11] Anikacy: so did you, like took that to your advantage
[05:12] nsnt: how lol
[05:12] nsnt: i mean she didn't know what to do
[05:12] Anikacy: true true
[05:12] Anikacy: anyways go on
[05:12] nsnt: so i do as i said,
[05:12] nsnt: bcs it seems right anw
[05:13] nsnt: they should sort their problem first, if she really want to be with me
[05:13] nsnt: they didnt decide anything that day
[05:13] nsnt: they planned to meet 1 week after that
[05:14] nsnt: and yeah in that 1 week, i stop myself from doing anything to my advantage
[05:15] nsnt: so the down side is, she doubt how i truly felt
[05:15] Anikacy: of course
[05:15] Anikacy: you detached yourself from her
[05:15] Anikacy: but go on
[05:15] nsnt: ok so 1 week passed
[05:15] nsnt: they met
[05:16] nsnt: it really felt she's gone
[05:16] nsnt: lol
[05:16] nsnt: bcs we were always together everyday
[05:16] nsnt: that was when i realized how i really loved her
[05:16] Anikacy: aww
[05:17] nsnt: ok so they met
[05:17] nsnt: the guy was actually planning to leave her
[05:17] nsnt: but then she couldnt see him leave
[05:17] nsnt: ok so fast forward to their conclusion
[05:18] nsnt: she have finally decided, and he would give her another chance
[05:18] Anikacy: boooooooo!
[05:18] nsnt: she returned late at night, and we met
[05:19] nsnt: she told her all that
[05:19] nsnt: and as i said i has just realized my feelings
[05:19] nsnt: so i told her that too
[05:20] Anikacy: and then
[05:20] Anikacy: o 3o
[05:20] nsnt: well that really shook her
[05:20] nsnt: haha
[05:20] nsnt: hm
[05:20] nsnt: but yeah
[05:20] nsnt: doesnt change a thing
[05:21] Anikacy: so your back to the beginning
[05:21] nsnt: what happen next is
[05:21] Anikacy: where you like this girl and shes with another dude?
[05:21] nsnt: not really the same
[05:21] nsnt: i like this girl,
[05:22] nsnt: she 's not exactly with the other dude
[05:22] nsnt: well she clearly still love me
[05:22] nsnt: but the other dude
[05:22] nsnt: dont want her to be that close to me ofc
[05:23] Anikacy: aww
[05:23] nsnt: and she have to forget her feelings to me if they are to move on
[05:23] Anikacy: :[
[05:23] nsnt: so what happen yesterday is basically
[05:24] nsnt: when i say goodbye
[05:24] nsnt: well it's really a sweet goodbye
[05:25] Anikacy: awww
[05:25] nsnt: haha
[05:26] Anikacy: the end?
[05:26] nsnt: well
[05:26] nsnt: who knows
[05:26] nsnt: lol
[05:26] Anikacy: awww
[05:27] Anikacy: its a cute story
[05:27] Anikacy: want me to tell you mine?
[05:27] nsnt: yeah smilies/icon_smile.gif
[05:27] Anikacy: cools
[05:27] Anikacy: so im not gonna mention names
[05:27] Anikacy: wait
[05:27] Anikacy: yeah im not
[05:27] Anikacy: xD
[05:27] nsnt: xD
[05:28] Anikacy: im not gonna mention who am i either
[05:28] nsnt: ooh
[05:28] Anikacy: xD
[05:28] Anikacy: so basically
[05:28] Anikacy: it starts off
[05:28] Anikacy: this guy
[05:28] Anikacy: and this girl
[05:28] Anikacy: they go out
[05:28] Anikacy: but it doesnt last long
[05:29] Anikacy: shes dumps him due to a romeo juliet thing (parental issues)
[05:29] Anikacy: he is heart broken
[05:29] Anikacy: she is too
[05:29] Anikacy: but shes embarased to show to him
[05:29] Anikacy: so she leaves
[05:29] Anikacy: by joining a basketball team
[05:29] Anikacy: filling up her schedule
[05:29] Anikacy: he does the same
[05:29] Anikacy: but hes a musician
[05:30] Anikacy: so
[05:30] Anikacy: he joins a band
[05:30] Anikacy: writes a ton of stuff for her
[05:30] Anikacy: but he finally moves on
[05:30] Anikacy: when he finds this girl
[05:31] Anikacy: who was in one of his shows
[05:31] Anikacy: and they start to hang out more
[05:31] Anikacy: basketball season is over
[05:31] Anikacy: so she sees her with him
[05:31] Anikacy: and she and her are really close friends
[05:31] Anikacy: so she gets jelous
[05:31] Anikacy: but shes an introvert
[05:32] Anikacy: so she keeps it all inherself
[05:32] Anikacy: but it gets more complicated
[05:32] Anikacy: the girl thats currently with the guy
[05:32] Anikacy: is leaving
[05:32] Anikacy: somewhere very far
[05:32] Anikacy: he gets sad
[05:33] Anikacy: and he said he doesnt want his heart to be broken again
[05:33] Anikacy: so he moves on
[05:33] Anikacy: quick
[05:33] nsnt: ahh
[05:33] Anikacy: yerp
[05:33] Anikacy: he goes on find this girl
[05:33] Anikacy: who is bff with the girl moving
[05:34] nsnt: you the first girl in the story?
[05:34] Anikacy: and they are almost getting it on
[05:34] nsnt: you mean*
[05:34] Anikacy: (no about the 3rd girl LOL)
[05:34] nsnt: ohh
[05:34] Anikacy: 1st girl still likes him inside though
[05:34] Anikacy: yes she knows that pretty well
[05:35] Anikacy: but anyways
[05:35] Anikacy: 3rd girl
[05:35] Anikacy: is bff with 2nd girl who is leaving
[05:35] Anikacy: so 2nd girl didnt like that she was just played
[05:35] Anikacy: and 3rd girl feels bad because
[05:35] Anikacy: well thats her friend
[05:36] Anikacy: so she decides to give them some space
[05:36] Anikacy: to work it out
[05:36] Anikacy: (sounds fimiliar?)
[05:36] Anikacy: but yeah
[05:36] Anikacy: instead the opposite happened
[05:36] Anikacy: and they well
[05:36] Anikacy: the 2nd girl and him grew distant
[05:37] Anikacy: and they never talked
[05:37] Anikacy: 3rd girl saddened
[05:37] Anikacy: cause she really likes the guy and her bff is the 2nd girl
[05:37] nsnt: yeah..
[05:37] Anikacy: of course the guy still likes her
[05:37] Anikacy: the 3rd girl
[05:38] Anikacy: so then 2nd guy comes in
[05:38] Anikacy: he is best friend with the 1st guy
[05:38] Anikacy: and they are total opposites
[05:38] nsnt: wow
[05:38] Anikacy: like hes fire the other is ice
[05:38] Anikacy: they like admire each other
[05:38] Anikacy: and they work pretty good together
[05:39] Anikacy: well guy number 2
[05:39] Anikacy: falls in love with girl 3
[05:39] Anikacy: and girl 2 had an original crush on guy 2 before realizing guy 2 was never intrested so she went to guy 1 who was currently heart broke at that time
[05:40] Anikacy: (lol)
[05:40] nsnt: ohh wow
[05:40] Anikacy: but guy 2 has his own back story too
[05:40] Anikacy: you see
[05:40] Anikacy: he was played
[05:40] Anikacy: by a hooker
[05:40] Anikacy: srsly
[05:40] Anikacy: he fell in love with a hooker
[05:40] nsnt: i wonder how you know all this
[05:40] Anikacy: during one of the summers
[05:41] Anikacy: (just wait we were really a tight knit group)
[05:41] nsnt: go on :]
[05:41] Anikacy: but yeah
[05:41] Anikacy: he got his heart broken
[05:41] Anikacy: by a hooker
[05:41] Anikacy: lmao
[05:42] Anikacy: so guy 1 and 2 were like commenting on this
[05:42] Anikacy: and both of them seemed really alone
[05:42] Anikacy: if you think of it
[05:42] Anikacy: cause 1st guy was broken by the 1st girl
[05:42] Anikacy: and 2nd guy by the hooker
[05:42] Anikacy: and it sucks cause they both fell in love with girl 3
[05:43] Anikacy: and they had to make her choose
[05:43] nsnt: yeah n not forgetting girl 2
[05:44] Anikacy: girl 2 is currently out of the pic she likes no guys, cause guy 2 isnt intreted and guy 1 played her
[05:44] Anikacy: girl 1 likes guy 1 still but is very shy
[05:44] nsnt: ok
[05:44] Anikacy: girl 3 is caught in a love triangle
[05:44] Anikacy: lmao
[05:44] Anikacy: but yeah
[05:45] Anikacy: guy 1 feeling bad for all the mistakes hes done
[05:45] Anikacy: gives them space
[05:45] Anikacy: to work it out
[05:45] Anikacy: and guy 2 takes this to an advantage
[05:45] Anikacy: and girl 3 eventually falls in love with guy 2
[05:46] Anikacy: and guy 1 is ultimately heart broken
[05:46] Anikacy: its ironic because he said he never wanted his heart to break again, so he left girl 2
[05:47] Anikacy: but only in the end his heart got broken by girl 3
[05:47] Anikacy: and months later girl 2 leaves
[05:47] Anikacy: because she was inteded to leave
[05:48] Anikacy: and girl 3 is sad cause she lost her best friend
[05:48] Anikacy: and she leaves guy 2 becayse its all so wrong
[05:48] nsnt: aww
[05:48] nsnt: yeah..
[05:49] Anikacy: she was the catalyst that broke guy 1 and 2's friendship
[05:49] Anikacy: so she leaves
[05:49] Anikacy: losing her best friend
[05:49] Anikacy: she knew what guy 1 felt now
[05:49] Anikacy: and shes sad
[05:49] Anikacy: cause the loss of a bestfriend
[05:50] Anikacy: isnt really the same as losing a boyfriend or girlfriend
[05:50] Anikacy: so she kept herself
[05:50] Anikacy: from all the people
[05:50] Anikacy: and in the end
[05:50] Anikacy: everyone is ultimately heartbroken
[05:50] Anikacy: and they move on with their paths
[05:50] Anikacy: never to see each other again
[05:50] Anikacy: the end

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