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'Ello Again!
So I decided to update this journal....especially considering i've only ever written one and that was three years ago smilies/icon_sweatdrop.gif

Right now not much is really going on.... like i said in the about me section, i went to spain for a month for school... it had helped me learn spanish more, but not as much as i had hoped. Regardless it was an awesome experience and was the first time i had ever traveled to a different continent. The rest of my summer plans consist mainly of work and digging a tunnel under the city using mainly spoons. Exciting eh? Then in september i can look forward to my final full year of university... (man i feel old!) I'll probably take another term at least after that, who knows maybe another full year just for kicks, we shall have to see at the end of the year....ho hum... yes i am bored.. it's too hot outside to go anywhere and i've already cleaned everything... *sigh* i wills top boring you with details of my non-existant life lol... peace out for now internets