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Anything to everything that's meant something to me.
English Exam Thing + 3 songs
Mind Games
This is going to be so hard but I have to choose one or the other or to be alone.
[verse one]
I am sitting here by myself all alone
With me and myself trying to find a home
My thoughts are telling me what to do
But I have to no choice I have to move
I’m causing pain
To myself, to him and the other
I feel so cold
Just like my hands, the days grow old
My mind is weak
I have to choose in the end
But I love them both, how can I choose?
[verse two]
The only thing I have to choose now is to end a life
A life with him and him and be alone
I don’t understand why it has to be like this
But it hurts, it hurts me everyday
[verse three]
My mind is still working it’s not giving up
The choice, the plans are still moving on
And for myself it’s making this harder for me
But in the end I will choose
You know, after all this thinking, this planning, I can actually finally choose my path and the person I’m going to love. Even though, it might not be today or tomorrow, I’m going to make up my mind and to whoever is reading this; I hope it’s you.

Mind Games
In my opinion this song has a deep meaning for everything and everyone around us. While we all face and go through relationships and the cycle of choosing who you like more. The song really means that some people have to go through choosing when it comes to relationships. You really have to think about who you’re going to be with because you never know what may happen once you’re with them. I wrote this song because I liked two guys who both liked me at the time. I was finding it hard to choose between them because they were both similar in my eyes. It was really hard for me but I was able to choose the right guy at the right time since I’m still with him from this day on because he showed be a few things about him that he had never really showed anyone before.

We wake up every morning waiting for the sun to rise,
We watch our backs, just to wait for fate to bring our demise.
[verse one]
It’s another day we’re waiting for them to come
Our rifles ready before they eat everyone
Not one, not two, three bullets to the head is all it takes
Before our lives are at stake
We’re waiting, we’re not giving up
So come now friends it time to take it back
The demons are coming, they’re running
Thirsty for our blood filled flesh
They’re not going to get us, get us
So just watch your back and you’ll surely be fine
[verse two]
Rifles ready by the windows
Shots fired one by one
We’ll be fine said her son
Just then they came in the window and grabbed us one by one
We’ve got to get away before we can’t see the light of day again
[verse three]
Time is ticking, the first bite penetrated skin
Screams curling down my spine
As I watched them being eaten alive
It’s my turn to be a part of the hive
They bite into my neck, poison rushing in
The venom that seems to burn beneath my skin
I scream to the sky
Cursing the moon before I die

This song came to me as something a guy might listen to, I can hear the music that could go with this song and it sounds a lot like how a guy would imagine it. I designed the song around a zombie apocalypse since zombies and the apocalypse really interest me. We never know how it will end. This is basically my view of how to see the world ending- being chased, eaten alive and becoming a zombie like them and pretty much doing a cycle of the same thing. I also had many dreams about the apocalypse and zombies and being attacked by monsters and demons and being possessed they were pretty awesome dreams too but now they hardly come to my mind these days. It never frightened me just made me think a lot and gave me options on what may happen. When 2012 comes, that will be a year that will excite and amuse me. My mind will be in full blast with all the different types of what the apocalypse may be.

Only Her

[verse one]
I'll sit and stare to watch you fly on by
You stole my heart and I'll never know why
But you're with her and I'm with him
Is this something we have to deal with

Please love her like you'd love me
Take care of her will you please
You're everything to the world to me
She's got something special
And that's your love
Don't waste it on simple lies
As you both watch the fireflies
Just please love her until the day you die
Please don't ask me why

[verse two]
Another day has gone with the passing year
I hope you never leave her, it's what I fear
She loves you and I hope you do too
Just never be a confused lovesick fool


[verse three]
So now I'll give up on you
I'm happy that your love is true
And everything seems to be alright
But you're the one I want to be with now
Only Her
In my opinion this song was something that really made me think as a girl and of how much jealousy, hatred, guilt and emotional suffering hurts when you can’t have what you wanted. A year ago I liked this guy when my best friend and the guy were dating. I’ve known him ever since the year 2007 when I first learned about a guy friend of one of my other best friends at the time. We dated for a while but never had the chance to meet in person. Until recently last summer we first met and had a great time hanging out at the park and the mall with a few other friends. I was really happy for them to be dating although it didn’t last and that this song shows my feeling toward them both. I named it “Only Her” because I only wanted him to love her, he did but he didn’t really feel the same towards her. Right now he has another girlfriend and they really love each other a lot

Peer Editing Comments by Jeff Sullivan
Well when it says “…listen to when read in my mind…” I’m not trying to criticize but read in mind wouldn’t really make much sense.

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