A/n: all names are written surname first then given name. This is due to the fact that this is a manga fiction so it will be written accordingly.
also I do own all of these characters stories as well as the creation of Galians also Violet eyes are common among Galians so if I have more then one person with it that's why.

I collapsed on my bed and glanced over at my alarm clock. It was 5:30 I had an hour until I had to head off to class. That task was probably one of the last things I wanted to do at the moment after all it would mean I would have to put up with Him. A sigh escaped my mouth as I got up from bed and headed to my closet to pull out my school uniform. Taking it off the hanger, I headed into the bathroom to hop in the shower before Magumi woke up to get ready. I shedded my tank top and pajama pant before getting into the warm shower, feeling the warmth of the water fill my body.

Fifteen minutes later the squeak of the knob could be heard turning off the water. I got out and proceeded to get my uniform on. A few minutes later I was out heading towards the kitchen when I heard stirring in the other bedroom. The noise didn’t really startle me after all I do live with my best friend who is practically my sister.

‘Magumi are you awake. If so you only have 45 minutes to get ready for school. Not counting the fact that the guys should be here in about half an hour.’ I told her telepathically. I know your wondering how I managed that well simple Magumi and I as well as the guys I mentioned are no human.

‘I am awake milady. Is it Takashi or Taro who is escorting you and Hiroshi?’ she responded to my earlier question. Her question received a groan instead of an answer. As I heard Magumi stir around her room as she gathered her stuff for school I paused and looked in the hallway mirror. My Brown hair was calmly tumbling down my back as usual while my violet eyes looked as if they could use more sleep. Despite this I knew full well people would be watching me, well the four of us when we enter the school because it’s only natural for humans.

Perhaps Now would also be a good time to explain some stuff. I am Princess Hanari Akiko the only heir to the eastern tribe of Galians. A Galian is a human like creature who is exceptionally beautiful and gentle creatures. They can communicate telepathically with one another and if they are ranked high enough with select humans. We can pretty much pass off for humans all our life if we wished given that the only difference between us and a beautiful human is our strength and agility. It is also no too uncommon to find a Galian that excels in art or music. Well that’s basically all there is to us with the exception of the fact taht there used to be four tribes though in recent years they have been merging so there is now only two tribes of Galians, My tribe the eastern and the western tribe which will be ruled by Hiroshi but I’ll tell you more about him later.

Next I should inform you of what a Princess is doing living on her own with another person. it’s simple that’s how we Galians grow up. For the first 13 years of life they are taught and housed by their parents. Once they Hit 14 years of age they have to live on their own. My case, however, is slightly different then normal given I am the tribe’s princess. I live on my own with parental contact every three months as well as my personal servant, Aizawa Magumi.