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Chronicles of the Great T
A brief look into my world, psyche, and other stuff that may come to mind
----------Artisans, I beseech you!----------
My fellow heroes; they are waiting to be drawn.

Be ye brave enough to undertake this task for me?

T: Leader of the group. Adventurous, with a bright outlook on life.

Lena: Aloof, classy, and enjoys the finer things in life. Used to be an adversary to T when they were little kids, but have since become good friends. Uses Wind magic. Loves collecting fans.

Usagi: Childhood friend/ally of T who aided him in a quest. Greatly infatuated with him, thought he's none the wiser. Acts iffy around the other girls becasue of this.

Sofia: A no-nonsense gal. Has little tolerance for the silly antics of others, friend or foe, though she herself isn't exempt from fits of silliness. Hates mimes.

Sari: Serious and level-headed childhood ally of T. Has a bit of a stubborn streak. Is also afraid of deep water.

T-na: T's twin sister. Was raised wealthy in comparison to her brother, but was not brought up to be spoiled. Has a kind, sweet temperament, but can be awfully coarse when provoked.

Paula: Mermaid who resides at a tourist trap of an island resort. A bit of a daydreamer, she's always thinking up ways to attract more people. (A picture of her with her lower half as a tail)

Harold: Childhood friend/ally of T. Confident in his swordplay, and self-proclaimed Demon Hunter. Is fond of Ginger Ale.

Ellis: One of the youngest of the group. A kind gal, who loves flowers. And can move as ably as an acrobat.

Rick: 10-year-old spellcaster of the group. Is somewhat knowledgeable in the ways of magic. Will cremate ANYONE who dares to utter the word 'shota' within earshot.

Tracy: The words that describe her best would be 'rough, tough and brash'. All that aside she can be a caring young lady. If one gets past her somewhat tough exterior.

Nadia: Quiet and reserved, she has a bit of a melancholy air about her. Was both with the ability to use Dark Magic. She was ridiculed for this, which explains her sullen nature. (Note: Only T has met her as a child, though they both forget about that later on until a certain point in time.)

Bolt: A robot built by a famous scientist. Is a nature lover, despite her origins, and hopes that the world she lives in doesn't become devoid of the beauty of nature.

Cotton the Bunny: A fuzzy little bunny, granted the ability to speak thanks to an enchanted collar made by T and Rick. Cares greatly for the group for taking him in, and eventually gets the chance to repay their kindness, by aiding them in battle, by way of shifting into a larger version of himself.

Eiji: Avid adventure seeker. The kind of guy who takes his training seriously, and considering his swordplay, that's no joke. Hates ghosts and cockroaches.

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