Because I'm at work, it's been a long weekend, and I feel I should/can actually do something with this thing again . . .

It started with a cruise over to Aimee Major Steinberger's site a few years ago; she had some Volks and I thought they were neat. The original incarnation of the Den of Angels looked sort of frilly and fluffy, but the BJD thing seemed cool. I checked websites every so often, made a few silly plans, but really nothing came of it until last year.

I had the means and the motivation, and it culminated in My Favorite Doll in Canada having a sale, and having an Elfdoll K. I'd wanted K for so long, I was determined to get him. He had a nice, masculine face, and the Elfdoll bodies didn't seem androgynous and weak like most companies. (Go ahead and peek at some, they're waifish and a little disappointing).

He came home, and I was so happy. Not too long after, I snagged a second-hand Elfdoll Aden for the body (Bruce came with the "old" 58cm body; Casey had the 62cm) and bonded with him in a more subdued manner. Bruce and Casey swapped bodies, and chilled out with me.

Mendo and Hakari's MNF exploits turned my attention to the MSDs, and I ultimately decided on a Dream of Doll DoC Twin-B as my first foray into the size range. She was adorable and pretty, but I was so disappointed when I opened her box. She was too "cutesy" for my tastes, and she eventually went to a new home.

Next came Karsh the First, who had a much different, and more positive, first impression with me. She was definitely my sort of thing, and I was feeling rather idiotic about not going with my gut and snagging the MNF first, rather than the DoC. A Scarred Breakaway head and arm followed, and then I picked up an A-Line boy's body to stick him on. I'd had Plans, but as most of my plans, they sort of festered.

So off went the MNF, with some reluctance. My roommate Bryan bought the head and arm off me, to keep for the future in some obscure way of helping me out. The bodies and Karsh head went to a pair of sisters. Aden may be going to a very nice gent in the near future. I return to my own exploits with Fairyland with another Karsh and a Littlefee.

As is popular with the BJD culture, there are characters attached to the dolls, with their own marked personalities. Bruce is still a rakish cur, if only in my head. Casey always had a quiet sort of dignity about him, to serve as a contrast to Bruce. The half-brothers, as they are (they shared a mother) had a good bond. If I could get the Elfdoll K head in MSD form, I would sell him off and reshell him with an A-Line, but that seems like more bother than its worth. (A DIM minimee? I think it would depend on how close the heads would be, and if I could bear to part with my First One.)

The Karsh this time around will be Kenzi, and the LTL DES her ward, Caro. I'm mirroring the BTMS trope (particularily the "Bandit's Landing" portion of it), with a Modern version of the world the characters live in, and the Fantasy setting they originally belong to. The beginning of the story's come out fairly easily in my head, it's more a matter of getting it set down in either type or paper. I'll admit it; the BTMS collective have served as an inspiration for both directing my attention to particular dolls and their accessories, and for supporting my interest in the hobby.

Like with all my forays into things, my interest began to wane when it was no longer, well, interesting. Lacking any local connections to the hobby made it sort of lonely; I know there are WNY BJD enthusiasts, but I either want nothing to do with them, or am unsure as to their nature. I could always go to a meet-up (!!) but I always have this feeling I wouldn't fit in. (Like how awkward I feel when I hang out with my HS buddies and their theater pals, in comparison to how I am with the LARPers. Yeah, I'm a dork.)

But I need an outlet, aside from MMORPGs. The writing comes and goes, and at least the RP's consistent, but I need an actual, tangible hobby. The mom and sister have beading, dad's got his wood-working, and even the Christ has his Magic cards and table-top. ********, the Sir has hobbies, and he's a tiny furry dictator.

So this was my rambling post, where I likely come off poorly. At least it's honest wangsting, which I think is going in the right direction.