This is where I shall keep my thank yous from Easter.

"[story continues] Mikuobunny glanced around, looking at all kinds of flowers and amazing stars decorated throughout a garden. He smiled and walked over to a rose bush, admiring the rose. As he reached o touch one gently, the stars started to dance around and make warning noises. &Oh, great, an alarm system?& The Starlight Prince had not expected to hear the stars from his private gardens crying out the moment he returned to his palace. To say the least we was a bit startled to find them dancing around the little bunny. &Stop it. He means no harm,& he chided the stars, waving them off as he turned his attention to Mikuobunny, smiling warmly and patting his teal hair. &Well! Don't you add a lovely color to my garden.& Mikuobunny squeaked at the Prince's touch and then looked up at him, face red. &I-I'm lost...& He shifted uncomfortably, biting his lip. &You are too kind.& He backed away, looking around. &That way out?& Pointing in the direction the Prince had come from, he didn't wait for an answer, and took off running. [story to be continued]"

My Response: I am trying to understand what this is. Is this a secret yaoi story?

"Easter has come
Easter eggs all around you
It was countless
You saw a mysterious egg
It was colorful
You opened it
Purple rose appeared
Wondering where am I?
I'm behind the tree
Watching your beautiful smile
Happy Easter, my Princess (:

-Winter Prince"

My Response: &W& Thank you sweet heart. ;D But don't be hiding behind trees. I'd like to see you. &3

"You are walking late at night when you see her. She is just standing there watching you. Then she smiles and waves taking you off guard. You wave back. You blink and suddenly she's not there. You then feel a hot breath on the side of your neck. &V-v-vampire& you stutter. You here an almost musical chuckle. &Yes& she says her voice music to your ears. You instinctively put your hand to your neck. You again her the musical chuckle. &No. I won't be biting you... well at least not tonight& She pulls out a package. &This is for you& You notice its a present. You turn around to thank her but she has disappered. You sigh in relief that she didn't bite you.
~the anon vampire"

My Response: D: Now that was a close call. Thank you for the gift deary.

"I love your posts~hope you enjoy this, it was on your wishlist.
Happy Easter!"

My Response: ; u; Thank you for loving my posts. &3 I cherish your gift.

"As you go about your business collecting eggs, you think you notice some movement in the nearby bushes. Curious, you head over to check, being careful not to make any sudden movements that might startle whatever creature happens to be in there.
As you get closer, a small bunny hops out. This one, however, appears to be purple in color, unlike any bunny you've seen before. Staring at the unusual animal in disbelief, you don't even notice when someone slips a small object into your basket...

-- Grunny and Prunny"

My Response: Thank you sweethearts. ; u; I greatly appreciate your gift. &3

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He blushes. H-Hi again. I, uh, gifted you at St. Patrick's Day. He coughs nervously. have you been? ~Shinji"

My Response: Quite well and dandy sweetheart. Thank you for your gift. <3

"User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

Ah...that's good. And y-you're welcome. Anything to make you smile...~Shinji"

My Response: Daww, thank you for another gift but you did not have to. Just a message from you makes me smile. :3 Such a crude world out there when all people are doing is bumping egg threads.

"You mind your own business when you suddenly feel followed.. you try to turn around but the figure holds you in place,

covering your eyes with what appears to be a set of wings... You feel a sudden urge to touch them, the moment you come in

contact with 'em, everything turns black..

You wake up, confused... and notice a note beside you..

Forgive me
For I may have given you a scare..
But I wanted to see..
If I was truly rare..

A lustful one..
I've been called..
Just because I'm an incubus son
But my kind are appalled..
For I have yet to be done..

So they chose you
To be my 'lucky' one..
For the others knew..
That you wouldn't run..

But you wonder,
why you feel so pure..
No need to ponder..
I just need to be sure..

That you receive my gift..
Letting you know I did nothing more..
But now its time for me to drift..
To accompany the people I so adore.

On a side note.. look for the white bunny
He seemed in a hurry and it appears..
Although it is funny..
He made me grow bunny ears

Drachan the Incubus ~
D-M "

My Response: .///u////. Oh my. How dark, mysterious and might I say romantic you are. Making my heart beat a little faster with your letter. You made my breath lost for I let it out in a heated sigh. So dreamy indeed. <3 Thank you kind sir for your gift and your letter.

"People write threads for Anons?
You must be the first person I decided to contact that didn't ask for help, man.
I look at the threads with 'Help!' and 'Question...' and all I see is 'How do I get the bunnies?' or somethin' about eggs.
Ram wanted me to do this anon thing to give back. Tron set the whole 'give to people who need help' rule. And I just do the giftin'.
But, I have fun giving gifts anyway. Not sure if I should be less picky, though.

- Kevin Flynn -"

My Response: .////u////. Oh my, I am highly flattered that you would like to contact me first. -Squees- Thank you so so much for your generosity. >W<