i feel so....
ugh today,

like i just shouldn't get out of bed,
all i wanna do is have someone across from me to talk to
or to at least force me out of bed so i can enjoy a beautiful day.

things are always so complicated but they never have any right to be in my opinion.

finally in the 4th quarter of school.
that means we're so close to being set free,
that pretty soon i'll be able to smell the summer air.

i think john is about to have a girlfriend,
which naturally means another friend lost to another werewolf.

idk. avoiding him feels right, right about now?
i don't think i should take up his time
and i feel like he's getting sick of me anyway.

i guess everyone is just destined to get sick of me after a while :/
that's life, right? haha.

and i mean it's not like i don't get sick of people.

but yeah today is just gonna suck,
so i think i'll cancel the plans i had and just stay home.