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random thoughts of nena
will this journal will be fill with random dribbles of my everyday life, or random short fictions or character thing
Parent's history
Grace grew up in a rough town that was full of bandits, thugs, and all kinds of interesting folks. The town may have looked scary from the outside but once people actually explore (and avoid a few parts) they'll come to see that it's not as bad as it looks. It was simply people trying to make a living the best way they can. Grace's father used to be a prostitute, her mother was no doubt used to be a warrior for hire, now she owns a tavern and her husband serves drinks. The good thing about coming to the city is realizing that people do not always have the same privileges like education, that would be consider a luxury. Grace's mother was not educated in the manner of reading and writing as well as morals, she wasn't originally from the city either, she had a very difficult background but once upon time she honestly believed that her violent life style....was normal.

During her later years as a warrior, it was a beautiful blessing when she bumped into her future husband. He was a quirky and cheerful man for prostitute, it was love in first sight when he laid his eyes on Aria (Grace's mother). He (Leon) was one of the few people who got the luxury of education, he taught her how to read and write. Leon was also the one who made her realize that maybe her life style was not all that normal if she didn't truly choose it. That also she can just find her peace in her own special way. It wasn't as if she hated it her old life but she didn't enjoyed it either....and she rather spend the last of days with somebody who made her feel human in all the good ways. Aria was just tried of the same cycle and routine...same violence, same ignorant employer, almost getting killed by some self-righteous nut, feeling that everything was pointless. She wasn't a depressing person but she was harden and cynical...

It was a rather interesting part of their lives as she looked for an alternative, she had found an old father figure from her earlier adventuring days. The old father was overjoyed and wanted her to help run the tavern....it was passed onto her when he passed away. But if only he hadn't passed away so soon, he could have help with Grace. Motherhood was not a natural instinct in Aria, not one bit. She never really thought of herself as much of a woman, sure her period comes but that's not big deal. Yet when she was pregnant with Grace, it was the most frightening time of her life, more frightening then her near death encounters. She was going to give birth to a small human being...and take care of it! Thank god, Leon was always there and being supportive, hell he was the 'mother' and was so damn happy about Grace's arrival. Parenthood was one hell of a adventure for them...until she grew up that is.........

((ugh this feels too messy, might get someone to criticize this and help me fix it up better))

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