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Quackers Revenge
Okay, so like, one day I was just pulling out all my neighbours flowers and minding my own business when suddenly this giraffe just started walking down the street. Then there was like, this, spaceship that totally landed in my front garden. Then it picked up our Toyota and started shouting "Destroy Toyota! Toyota's suck!" Of course by now the giraffe had collected it's friends the zebra, elephant and peacock before attacking the aliens. I thought they were defenitely on my side but then they called their other friends the ducks who started waddling down the street, took out an axe and together they chopped down my tree. In my fury, I grabbed the axe and chopped one of the ducks clean in half. It's brothers were so angry at me that they took a Grenade from out of nowhere and threw it towards me. That was when Bruno Mars jumped out to catch the Grenade for me while singing his new hit. The Grenade exploded and killed Bruno, and one of the ducks but I was fine. The aliens, giraffe, zebra, elephant, peacock and ducks (the remaining ducks of course) ran up to me and - wait for it - deleted my Facebook account!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!