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Epic Magikarp's Fishing Journal
This shall cover everything from different OCs to random posts to fill in the blank letters.
Epic Magikarp's Nuzlocke chalenge.
- Only catch first pokemon in area
- Name all pokemon
- If a pokemon faints, it must be released or imported
- Shinies and ledgendaries are acceptation to first rule, but they can't be used.
- If whole team faint, use pc pokemon.
- If no PC pokemon, restart the game.
- if the first pokemon in area has already been caught, catch second. ( So I don't get a team or only rattata and tentacool)

Version; Leaf Green.
Name: Epic
Rival: Blue
Badges: Boulder Badge - Beat Brock

Pokemon team:
ZUZU - Zubat ( Mt. Moon )
YONA - Sandshrew (Route 4)
VINNY - Bellsprout ( Route 24 )
ABEL - Abra ( Route 25 )

PC pokemon:

Dead pokemon:
BLAZE - Charmander (Pallet town)
RITZ - Rattata ( Route 1 )
MANKS - Mankey ( Route 22 )
CATHY - Butterfree ( Viridian Forest )
LADY - Pidgey (route 3 )

Places I can't catch any more pokemon;
Pallet Town (Charmander)
Route 1 (Rattata)
Route 2 (Pidgey - got away)
Viridian City ( None; I can catch )
Viridian Forest (Caterpie)
Pewter City ( None; I can catch? )
Route 3 ( Pidgey )
Route 4 ( Sandshrew )
Mt. Moon ( Zubat )
Route 22 ( Mankey )
Route 24 ( Bellsprout )

Journal; (told first person, from my character's eyes.)
February 8th, 2011;
-- I awake with excitement. Finally, today I get my first pokemon. I'm so excited! I'm in such a hurry I don't even brush my hair all the way, but I hide it under a hat. I say bye to my mom; she tells me it's normal to want a travel at my age.

I finally went to Oak's lab. I got a charmander. I was so excited.. until BLUE got his pokemon and challenged me to a fight. I was careful. I knew I was. I hoped I was. BLUE was winning, my BLAZE barely holding on to life before professor Oak intervened. He payed BLUE for me for winning. I was so scared and disappointed. I feared I wasn't ready. Pokemon training could be just to big of a responsibility for me. I want to go home with BLAZE. I can train him from home, right?

I felt brave enough to got to the next town. I was very scary. I worry still I'm not good enough. When I got there I was told to deliver something to Oak. I was going home any way. When I got back to the lab Oak gave BLUE and I a pokedex. I still have my doubts.

With a new sense of duty, I head back north to Viridian City. On my way I catch a rattata and name her RITZ. She's very strong. Stronger then my Charmander. Is it bad to rely on her too much?
Soon I got to route 22 and catch another pokemon; Mankey. I didn't stay long; once I caught MANKS I left. I head to Viridian Forest. On Route 2 I found a pidgy. Sadly, it got away before I could catch it. A Pidgey's good pokemon to have?
Disappointed and worried, I head back to Viridian City and rest at the pokecentor. Maybe tomorrow will be better.

February 09th, 2011;
I spent most of the day training on route 2. Eventually, I went into Viridian Forest. I caught a Caterpie and named her CATHY. I plan to go back down and trainer my pokemon more. I want to be level ten before going to the next town. Today was much less eventful then yesterday, but that's fine. Some times you need a day of rest.

February 10th, 2011;
I spent the day training again. CATHY evolved into Metapod. As I trained in Viridian forest, CATHY got poisoned. Thankfully, her shed skin saved her. I had my first pokemon battle against a trainer there. I won, but it was a tough fight. There were many trainers in the forest, but most of them had the same type of pokemon. When BLAZE learned ember, the battles became really easy.
I met up with BLUE again. We battled, and this time I won. For the first time I feel good about my journey. I make my way to Pewter City.

February 12th, 2011;
Battled Brock and won. I am happy. Time to move to Mt. Moon. On my way I fought many trainers. My pokemon keep getting poisoned, but I carry many antidotes. Still, it gets on my nerves. However, I did see an other Pidgey; this time catching it. I named her Lady, because in Lady and the Tramp, Tramp called Lady 'pidge'. I soon make it to Route 4. In the poke-center there and old man talks about some Team Rocket. It's some big city news; I have nothing to do with gangs. There a man tried to sell me a MAGIKARP. I didn't buy.
In Mt. Moon I caught a Zubat. I named her ZUZU. Strangely enough, I battled a trainer who said they say team Rocket in Mt. Moon. I'm not sure about that. I hope their paranoid.
I should of believed them. Soon I ran into a member of Team Rocket. I won. Something that's happened a lot recently. It was getting late, so I went back to the Pokemon Center and stayed the night.

February 16th, 2011;
I got threw Mt. Moon with no real problem. Out side Curelian I caught a sandshrew and named him YONA. I didn't feel like challenging Misty to a battle, so I went north to the bridge. There I saw BLUE and he battled me again. He killed almost all of my pokemon. YONA was the only one left.
I hate BLUE, I really do. Ever since day one, he's always been so close to killing my pokemon. Now he's done it.

February 18th, 2011;
I caught a Bellsprout. Once I'm ready I'd like to battle Misty with him.

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