Hi. So it's been a while. I'm at school right now. We just finished our finals week so we're all taking it easy. We have this blog homework thing to finish before Sunday, so I have to write about the job I want to take, my winter break and I have to look for a picture of my last haircut.

Really, I had all week to finish this. I should've started earlier... damn procrastination.

I'm not sure what to write, and I'm having a hard time thinking about it... so I thought of writing my thoughts down, you know? I have to thank gaia blogs for that, then.

Honestly, when I was a wee lad, I only dreamt about becoming an aviator. But right now, I'm finding a lot of interesting things that I just can't give up on (and plus, learning to fly is freakin expensive)...
I mean, I like to write. A lot. And I also like to take pictures of places and people and things that catches my eyes. And I also like video taping scandalous things. I already have a collections of questionable videos, and I also recorded voices, too.

So... I thought I should be a journalist. I don't really understand it well right now... but at least I got to think up of something to write in our blog homework, right?

What did I do during Christmas? Well I spent it with my grandfather, back in Parthenos. It was really fun, considering it's an old man I'm hanging out with. He told me a lot of genuinely interesting stories (or maybe I'm just a boring fart?), and we ate some really weird but strangely yummy snacks. It really felt like one of my boyhood Christmas.
I tried not to ask about my father too much, but, well, I couldn't resist. He told me that I was not like my father because I'm kind of reckless and daring while my father is a a bit cowardly and wimpy and all that... but we both smiled a lot, he said. And we're also both idiots. Yeah, granpa couldn't put any more subtle than this.

the only thing missing in my Christmas is the 3 idiots I have been missing. I didn't get to see Luca, Alfie and Hugo.. not until New year's so we didn't spend enough time together. sad I'm going to visit them on some holiday soon!