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Well. I guess that it's 2011 now. I suppose that this means that I should have made some sort of stupid resolution telling everyone how I'm going to better myself...

Yeah. I'm perfect. There's no fixing that :3

I know that I'm a confident mother ********. And I know that every single one of you love it.
I'm super tired. Isaac went to bed and I don't want to sleep... I must get my Vaporeon to a Lv. 70 before I sleep. I'm at a Lv. 67 right now.
... *strays away from Gaia and posts on Tumblr again*
Speaking of which! Follow me on there! My blod name is "Raw Toast," but I can't remember my name on there... :/
(How's that for sucking at life)
I guess I'm going to level up my Pokemon a bit more.
If anyone wants to make me a new dream avi, monetary awards may be given. Thankies :3

I love adds, questions, & follows :3