Mark k thx
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Oh, break. I knew thee well.
Ugh. School resumes tomorrow. I'm so not ready to go back. I have had such a great break. I've accomplished things that should have been done a long time ago - cleaning my room and storage room. It took me 6 hours a day in 2 days to complete those, but took all my effort and determination. I'm glad. This was the first time I was productive over any break, so I'm hoping this means my life is changing- no more constant laziness, make better use of my time.

This break has also been extremely fun. Why? It has been full of TENNIS! I had regular practices in the morning 3 days a week, and my friend would take me out to tennis the same and/different night(s). This is also a plus for me because the high school season is going to start soon (January 18 to be exact) and I have set so many goals for myself.

Those goals include:
- A great singles record during the season- I want MVP for my school.
- To be seeded at the all-island tournament (coincides with the record goal).
- A singles medal at the all-island tournament.

In addition to my awesome tennis life, my dad says he's going to buy me a new racket! I can't wait!

Anyways, yeah. This break was by far the best of them. I really hate to see it gone, especially since I have an AP Gov test soon and I don't want to study for it. lol.

Oh, and I have accomplished more on Gaia too. First, I finally made 10k transactions on a single account on my mule. (With being banned on 3 different occasions, it was hard to make that goal.) I also had the time to liquidate my inventory to make an offer for a Devil Tail, which I bought a few days ago. It was a good break for me. The time I find to spend on Gaia during school will probably just to check my mule's vend. I just can't go through life without vending, how sad.

So, yeah. It was great while it lasted. See ya'll on my next break or whenever!
- Mark.