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Bringing in the new year with A CRAPLOAD OF NEW DRAWINGS!!!!
Yes, you must be confused. "Why is Vegeta, the PRINCE OF ALL SAIYANS, doing in Werewolf's drawing dump...? BECAUSE I DREW HIM!!! IN A CARROT SUIT!!!!!!! >smilies/icon_biggrin.gif Yes, it's true. This was drawn QUITE a while ago, but I never thought to upload it until my really weird, sudden obsession with Dragon Ball Z kicked in. I am aware of how much of a geek I am.... But hey, that's childhood memories right there. My brother and I used to watch this EVERY DAY when I was little.

TeamFourStar's Abridged series did it. I blame them. Dx

So, as you can see, I started exploring the world of color a little bit here....Explanation for why that is can be found in the image descriptions of these. So anyway, this is my first COLOR drawing of Edward Elric!!!I The reference pic for this was actually from my pencil sharpener..... ^.^;;;

This is yet another color drawing. STAR FOX FTW!!!!! <3

Another something from my childhood (that I still enjoy to this day).... POKEMON!!! This was actually just a doodle I did when I was waiting for my physics/chemisty teacher to SHUT UP AND MOVE ON WITH THE LESSON. Surprisingly, I ACED this class. >3<

This is the result of me goofing off in Math class. DO NOT JUDGE ME, I GOT A B IN THIS CLASS!!!! D:<

Well, I was apparently thinking back on my younger days a lot last year.... Because I DREW LINK!!!! xD (This was also because I was on a shading-training binge and didn't know what else to draw.)

Right, well, that should be it! Don't forget to comment and tell me what you think~ x3