la conteuse
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Merry Christmas!
Why am I on Gaia during the most cheerful and commercialized holiday of the year?
Shouldn't I be spending it with friends or family?

Well, I am... in a way. I'm at home -- my parents' home -- and I'm kind of with them. The truth is that my family doesn't really celebrate Christmas. They see it as a kind of corporate institution to make us spend money. Yeah, them and the rest of the hipster world.

Anyhow, I'm typing my first journal entry of my revamped journal now because I am avoiding the trials and tribulations of having to edit my college essay. I should have sent all of my applications away weeks ago (if I was on top of things and not a complete procrastinator and a self-deprecator). Every time I look at an essay, I cringe inwardly and end up re-writing it. However, there is redemption. Hopefully. I do plan on finally being satisfied with my writing by the end of today and sending it off. But you never know what my uber-critical subconscious will make me do. Or perhaps that other part of me will want to read Harry Potter or write a role-play post. Who knows?