Nocturne of Reprieve
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The Beginning
Chapter 2 - Bonggacious

Bonggacious started from the remnants of his former self, christopher104. At first, he donned items that easily made him dress up as a snowman. Perfect timing, since it was near Christmas when his Name was changed. For a few months, Bonggacious roamed about Gaia in his own pace. At one time, he discovered that his former master, Agent_Xterminator, was hacked, and so was his descendant, Agent_Xterminator_the_second. There were various reincarnation's of the Agent's soul, including Ymaz and half a dozen more. In his fits of self content, he began asking items from Ymaz before Ymaz was blocked (for some reason until now is still unknown). He managed to snatch himself a Black Heartbreaker Jacket and a monthly collectible, Elemental Wings. Bonggacious was indeed contented and pleased with this, so he only sought items influenced by the Dark Arts (meaning black things).

In order to expand his control over items and Gold, he decided it was time to create another being at his full command. And so, he created his mule, Bonggacious2. Now, with a direction to flow into, the items and gold to back it up, and a mule to support him, Bonggacious was finally ready to cast his Name again and adopt a new one. His last name was Tyzzon.