So I got my dream today.
(WARNING: I'll be saying my friends name which you readers won't know. But you'll know their names.)

Staring in my dream: -
Me (Jaster)

So it's about school. Before going to school. I saw the news saying that there is this ghost going to schools killing everybody by going into their body, digging their soul out then, getting outta there, in results of an empty body later on. When I was in school I saw people getting killed one by one even the one talking to me, I was lucky not to die! So I ran up the stairs while I saw my friend lost in his mind. I called him out but he was stunned, a few seconds later, he just fell. I saw Nazim and my friend Emerson together. I was running towards them but unfortunately Emerson fell knowing that he was already dead. So I grabbed Nazim and ran higher. I looked down the stairway and saw someone running up so I asked Nazim to guard the top while I go rescue the dude. I mean what was I thinking, he would have died! So I ran down and saw Hariz! I grabbed him and dashed up as fast as possible! When I ran up, I saw people running around upstairs in the window, as I thought they didn't know anything yet, running and playing around. As soon as I opened the door, a guy just fell right in front of us knowing that he was dead leaning on the door, I just saw him rolling down the stairway. I got back to reality and ran up together with the others. I heard some moans in the bathroom. And I thought with my REAL MIND, WITCH!!!! So I opened softly and, TAADAA! Brenden and Fabian! We ran even higher now! As we guarded each others side. We reached the top and wanted to guard ourself in our classroom which is on the floor we are on. We asked Fabian to scout but I thought again, HE COULD HAVE DIED! After a few minutes he tipped Toe back and told us, "Coast Clear!". We ran as if dogs were chasing us! I was acting as the classroom was a saferoom like in L4D! Yes, I can control my dream in that dream. Weird right? So looked outta a window facing to the fields and I saw everybody died. Then Nazim which is a pro at games said "They're dead, all of them. We are the lucky ones." Then I said "Well we'll not be lucky now" as I pointed outside seeing a car driving, normally! Then Fabian interfere "That must be safe! Let's run like hell guys!" Then I said "Are you freaking crazy bro?! That's gay! We aren't gonna make it outta here alive!" Then Nazim hopped outta the table he was sitting on and opened a drawer with weapons! YEA! But what for? So I said "I don't know zombies will be here, but I like guns! LET'S FREAKING DO THIS!" So Nazim kicked the door open and ran down. Whoa, Nazim could have died there, he slide down the stairs handle thingy. So we ran to chase him to get his back. And guess what? A smoker! Tongue on Fabian! Everybody were like chickens so they ran like chickens. Nazim ran up or like skipped up the manly way, he held on Fabian's leg and told me "Shoot dammit!" But then I said "I suck at aiming!" "Just FREAKING shoot that muthafawking's mouth!" BANG! direct shot to the brains! I didn't know that tongue was hard! Shot the tongue out and ran down. And guess what? RESCUE! A ghost proof infantry tank eh?! HELL YEAH! Ran like hell! The gates closed it self! Suddenly Mirror's Edge vision came on me! Jumped on the tree next to the gate, climbed on a branch and hopped outta the gate! Fabian and Nazim got out but Hariz can't climb! Boo Hoo! So I climbed back in and grabbed him tight and threw him to the safe side! Brenden was slow and he was last! He almost got his last step and....!!! Smoker got him! I wanted to help but he said to go on without him! I tried shooting some bullets to the smoker's tongue but failed! The door was closing so I quickly applied force on the door and hopped in quick! We were barricaded in a house full of survivors. The story ends here.
We slept in a room like this.
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I woke up at 9am and called one of my friend in the safe zone (Not telling you) and he asked me the same question before I could! We were somehow connected into each others dream! And I talked to one of my friends on Facebook and said he said the same. (Don't worry, it's one of the survivor.) Yea.

- End log -